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Michael Weddle
4 min readOct 6, 2022

Read and observe how US oligarchs are bent on making a killing from a huge oil discovery in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Learn also how water resources and recreational activities are manipulated for the benefit of Israelis, not the Syrians or Palestinians.

The Golan Heights of Syria has remained an international injustice for decades, especially since 1981 when Israel formally annexed the territory. Below are descriptions relative to how Israel illegally annexed the land and how Israel has and is profiting from resources that rightfully should go to Syrian citizens and their government. Lebanon also claims Israel has occupied its Chebaa Farms and adjacent Kfar Chouba hills next to The Golan.

From The United Nations:

>>>Since then, [1981] every year the U.N. passes General Assembly resolution titled “The Occupied Syrian Golan” which reaffirms the illegality of the Israeli occupation and annexation.<<<

As a side note, in 2011 the US began illegally supplying weapons to the so-called Syrian rebels and al-Qaeda/ISIS militants (see Seymour Hersh—The Red Line and the Rat Line: Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels, published in London Review of Books).

The US began its occupation of Syria in 2014. The US goal was Syrian regime change, assisting Israel with control over The Golan Heights, maintaining control over Syria’s wheat and oil interests in the northeastern Deir ez-Zur Province and keeping a blockade of the Damascus-to-Baghdad International Highway.

Officially, the US claims it has given up on regime change (really, now!). However, the US remains active today with the other objectives. The US has also illegally twice lobbed cruise missiles into Syrian territory and it has conducted various special ops raids throughout the Syrian countryside. The US has also been selling Syria’s oil on the black market.

Clearly, the US and Israel — and sometimes Turkey — behave as a tag-team against Syria, an ally of Russia. Unlike Russia and Iran, neither the US military or the Turkish military has been been invited. They hold occupier status. Also, Israel perpetually commits bombing runs upon the Syrian people while the US pretends it’s not happening.

From Google:

>>>Which countries recognize Golan Heights?

In 2019, the United States became the only state to recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli sovereign territory, while the rest of the international community continues to consider the territory Syrian held under Israeli military occupation.<<<

Game Changer — Oil In Syria’s Golan Heights:

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Return the Golan Heights to its rightful owner!



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