7-Point Plan For a Middle East Solution

— Jerusalem becomes an international city, hosts the UN

Michael Weddle
3 min readAug 26, 2019

(Originally written as a Facebook Note on November 7, 2015 — edited)

All roads must lead to peace!

Much of the turmoil in the Middle East is rooted with the inability of Israel and Palestine to sincerely work for a two-state solution. Here’s a unique Seven Point Plan to help:

1) Reaffirm both states have a right to exist and accept the UN-mandated borders of sovereignty.

2) Israel dismantles its entire nuclear weapons stock, all nations in the region pledge non-nuclear futures.

3) Jerusalem becomes an international city (akin to how Washington DC legally functions in America). Proclaim and assure freedom for all religions to worship.

4) Relocate The United Nations from New York City to Jerusalem. This would add economy and enormous respect to the region.

5) Establish at the Gaza-Israeli border a United Nations University of International Diplomacy. This would commit the world’s best academics, the best political body of thinkers to bring forward solutions unique to the area, add economy and create inspire respect to the region. Importantly the age demographics of Palestine show a strong need for education and jobs if children of Palestine are a hope for the a future.

6) In the Golan Heights, where Israel borders Lebanon and Syria, Israel should abide by the UN Resolutions and return the land to Syria. In the Golan, establish a United Nations International Peacekeeping Training Facility. Given the many military conflicts all over the world, having a highly-trained and well-organized rapid deployment UN force able to step in makes perfect sense. Preventing genocide, for example. Locating this facility in the Golan Heights would help ease volatile border tensions infamous over many decades. It would also add economy and respect to the region.

7) The US commits to lead a worldwide ban on capital punishment. This would set the greatest possible example to deplore the violence of people against people.

Over a long time the perception has been political powers like Britain, France, Russia and the US have ravaged the Middle East region of its resources, cared little for its inhabitants and supported dictatorial governments to achieve economic power. This perception must change and the steps above actually would help to cure what’s been a terrible stain in history.



Michael Weddle

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