Yet Another Twisted Tale of Russiagate

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Relative to writer John Solomon’s disclosure in The Hill claiming Russiagate target Konstantin Kilimnik was not a Russian agent influencing Trump, but rather he’s long been a US State Department asset.

Responding to Solomon’s disclosure, several Russiagaters have flooded Twitter claiming Solomon has endangered Kilimnik, who holds dual Ukrainian-Russian citizenship, by outing him as a US asset. It’s a classic case of destroying the messenger rather than paying heed to the actual message.

Let’s be real.

Virtually the entirety of Russiagate has been predicated on twisted logic. Besides disrupting our entire nation and many folks and institutions in the world, Russiagate has succeeded accomplishing the following:

  1. Destroyed faith in America’s once-heralded and cherished free press and reminds us why it was a huge mistake for major media outlets to dismiss their watchdog-eye ombudsmen and supplant investigative journalism with government plants. Also, why it was a huge mistake to allow media monopolization whereby five corporations control 90% of all media.
  2. It has provided Donald Trump with an unneeded and unnecessary counter-attack against the Democrats leading into the 2020 presidential election. As if Trump’s former mob ties, misgiven sexual escapades, his career as an imposter, shady and dirty business deals and his overall performance as a wrecking ball while in office were not sufficient reasons to attack him!
  3. It prevented the crucially-needed establishment of a Special Election Commission to investigate enormous irregularities and illegal actions resulting from the 2016 presidential election. Such a Commission could also explore why America is now rated as a “flawed democracy.” Instead, we got a Special Prosecutor who became forced to bark up the wrong trees while issuing all kinds of immunity. Who will become that prized journalist who will show the courage to investigate who received immunity or limited-immunity deals during both the Clinton and Trump investigations?

Solomon outing Kilimnik puts him at risk. As if the Hillary Clinton-controlled DNC launching Russiagate, pitting the world’s two largest nuclear powers against each other, wasn’t risky enough to get us all killed! Who the hell wants a renewed Cold War when, alternatively, we can all not worry and be happy!

[It’s okay to click below, it’s a YouTube link!]

I’m sure all of you are reminded how heavy it was when it became disclosed in every major news organ Paul Manafort had shared polling data with Kilimnik. Many outlets went to great lengths to describe how unique and special this polling data was, how it was clandestinely-delivered … even though the data was already within the public domain.

This became a major Russiagate news story dominating a prolonged news cycle. So was Manafort’s action a CIA-State Department ploy or just yet another marveling twisted tale of Russiagate?

As for twisted tales, below is how Robert Mueller has been long perceived by the Clinton worshipers!

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For the record, I support Bernie Sanders who wisely remained outside of the Russiagate fray. A fair 2016 election would have seen Sanders become the 45th US president and our nation, our world, would have become a better place!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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