Will Western Media Accurately Report on The Russian-Ukrainian Naval Dispute?

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Kerch Straight Connecting Black Sea With Azor Sea

The answer to the question in the title is: Doubtful!


Ukraine’s presidential election is set for March of 2019.

According to most Ukrainian polls (do the research) Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, a wealthy oligarch, holds only a 5–7% approval rating, and a 70% anti-rating. The problem is Poroshenko has the complete backing of the United States which leads NATO.

The present situation is very similar to what Russian president Boris Yeltsin faced in 1996 when his approval ratings were in single digits. Four months before the Russian election his campaign called on Americans for help (ask Dick Morris), which was provided. A political organizing team was quickly dispatched to Moscow to clandestinely arrange for Yeltsin’s political comeback.

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Never Let It Be Said The US Does Not Meddle in Foreign Elections!

Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s Tactics:

Desperate to stir the pot and raise his political standing, Poroshenko is resorting to both religious and military means to raise his standing among the Ukrainian electorate. Below is an example of the religious side of Poroshenko’s tactics to improve his image:

Now comes the most recent military provocation. With assistance from America’s CIA, and likely private undercover military mercenary militants, Ukrainian fascists were supported to lead a bloody 2014 government coup, described as “The Euromaiden Uprising.”

Crimea — originally part of Russia but become a Ukrainian province as settlement following the end of The Cold War — in the aftermath of the coup, with a population of overwhelmingly Russian-speaking people, voted by over 90% to return as a province of The Russian Federation.

Additionally, Russia’s Black Sea naval fleet has been stationed in Crimea since the time of clipper ships. Recently, Russia just completed building the longest bridge in Europe connecting the Russian mainland to Crimea. Several times Ukrainian zealot politicians and western commentators have recommended blowing up this bridge.

Thus, Russia, given the troubled relations with Ukraine since the coup, is very sensitive to what happens near the bridge which crosses the Kerch Straight connecting the Black Sea with the Azor Sea. Ukraine maintains a maritime territorial dispute with Russia concerning this area.

So here is a description of Poroshenko’s military tactic (see November 26, 2018 —Russia Blocks Ukrainian Navy From Militarizing The Sea of Azov — Updated):

Sadly, too many will become influenced by America’s CIA-controlled media and will not get a true perspective on the reality to what is happening regarding Russia and Ukraine.

I don’t always agree with Jake Morphonios, but his analysis in his report on Russia and Ukraine is 100% spot on:

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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