Will Trump’s Venezuelan Coup Encourage Recipe for Terrorism to Enter Our Hemisphere?

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Now is the time to say, “No!”

Meet Hamzah Mubarak, a Houthi prisoner of the US-inspired Yemen War. Mubarak, when captured, had only stomach injuries. But when the Saudis released him during a prisoner exchange he had no more fingers and toes. Forgive my inelegance, but one might theorize Mubarak was mildly Khashoggied.

As far as I am concerned, it was not only the Saudis who chopped off the fingers and toes of Hamzah Mubarak. It was also Bush-Cheney, Obama-Biden and Trump-Pence who are complicit.

The Trump Administration is perfectly fine with sharing petro-dollar profits with the obviously brutal dictatorship of Saudi Arabia. But now, in order to steal oil, gold and other natural resources from Venezuela, Trump and his neocon advisers have promulgated a coup on Venezuela’s democratically-elected president Nicholas Maduro who only wants to use his country’s natural resources to share amongst all citizens of his country, thus depriving US oligarchs from massive profiteering.

The oligarchy doesn’t like it when its monetary feathers get ruffled!

If Trump uses Colombian, Brazilian and US military forces to intervene in Venezuela it is very possible he will succeed not only creating a jungle Vietnam-like guerrilla war within the Venezuela, but his actions could also spark a form of suicide terrorism to enter our Western Hemisphere on a massive scale. Consider that Vietnam War was renown for its guerrilla-styled war, and the Middle-Eastern wars are renown for suicide terrorism (a principle reason why we pulled out of Iraq).

Latin America has a population of 640 million and South America has a population of 423 million. Imagine the overwhelming majority of Latino people being fired up over America due to its history of overthrowing governments in the Southern Hemisphere with Venezuela finally becoming the tinderbox incident — the point of no return. The US has a population of 326 million and Canada 37 million.

For all practical purposes and considerations wisdom tells us the United States is militarily muscle bound. It can’t defeat and maintain control over the Southern Hemisphere! Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez once quoted Victor Hugo: You can’t defeat an idea whose time has come!

Clearly, the best strategy is to let Venezuela evolve into the system of government its people choose to have. Let the two systems of government respect each other and share in each other’s strengths and work with each other to resolve weaknesses. Who knows, perhaps the time has come whereby America should national its oil companies!

Anyway, the best of all beginnings for we here in America is it’s now finally time to stop electing right-wing politicians. It’s also time to stop electing Democrats who coddle to right-wing positions on war and economics. It’s time to create a united front, within the Democratic Party, to stop the greedy insanity! What is the value of the Democratic Party opposing a war in Venezuela after it begins? Would it not be better stop it from happening?

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Centrist Democrats Are Not Helpful!

The US mainstream media is nothing but a pro-war public relations vehicle. It’s a monopolized media controlled by five corporations who are very much a part of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project.

Below, is how you can find accurate information for your considered opinion — never shape your opinion from information explicitly herd-delivered.

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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