Will Trump Be a Full-Throttle War President for 2020 Election?

— I Once Thought So, But Now I’m Not Sure

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I’ve long believed if Trump got elected in 2016 he’d for certain become a war president as a re-election strategy for 2020. This is like creed in The GOPwinger Political Playbook!

However, after observing Trump’s multiple foreign policy charades — his bobbing and weaving predilections, blatant threats here and there — I’m in the process of reconsidering this possibility. It’s not that Trump has any problem being a “war president.” In fact, he’d probably prefer this status very much. It’s that it might well be to Trump’s advantage for him to become a “war president.”

Will Trump Political Strategy Rely on Dems Twice Screwing Sanders?

It’s a strong possibility Trump and his political operatives believe the Democrats will screw up a second time. One way or another, the DNCites will find a way to deny Bernie Sanders the Democratic nomination. If Inside-Beltway Democrats again unconscionably cast Bernie aside, it then becomes Trump’s best move to become a “war president.”

The angry outcry, resulting from Sanders being denied a second time, will spawn a super strong DEMexit movement (perhaps finally even a third political party) and also influence Independent voters to not support Democrats, this due to a proven belief they’ve again “rigged” it again.

In 2008, 15% of Hillary Clinton supporters voted for John McCain instead of Barack Obama. In 2016, 12% of Sanders supporters voted for Trump. These crossover numbers could become remarkably greater should Democrats screw Bernie a second time.

Trump can then claim, “Hey, I’ve kept the country out of war” which would appeal to many anti-war Sanders Democrats and Independents. This, of course, will be coupled to Trump’s counterattacks against the drummed-up Russiagate narrative and abuses among Democratic Justice Department officials within the investigatory process — it’ll become damn ugly!

The very last thing Democrats need is for Trump to grow substantial political coat-tails for 2020. It is the 2020 Congress that will, based on the US census, approve the congressional districts that will prevail for the next 10 years, up until 2030.

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Bernie Sanders is the one political candidate who Trump fears the most. In 2016 Sanders drew seven of every 10 Independent voters. Because of this, Sanders has strong political coat-tails which would help secure Congress for redistricting. Sanders also continually led against all Republican match-up polling in 2016. Sanders, a clean candidate, will also directly challenge the GOPwinger Crosscheck Voter Elimination System.

Only Bernie Sanders Can Save The Democratic Party!

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GOPwinger Crosscheck Voter Elimination System

Meanwhile, like in 2016, the Republicans will continue demolishing the voter rolls by utilizing their computerized Crosscheck Voter Elimination system. Crosscheck is a system, in play in about 30 Republican-controlled states, that targets voters with the same name but who live in different minority-linked zip codes. If there are two Jack Johnsons that are registered, Crosscheck will purge them both from voting. At best, they’ll be handed a provisional ballot which rarely ever is counted.

It’s a YouTube link and okay to click!

In essence, in 2016, Trump did to Clinton what Clinton did to Sanders!

One of the biggest disappointments from the 2016 election is the fact the Clinton Campaign challenge the cruel and unfair Crosscheck system. For Clinton to have done this would have brought attention to how her campaign had rigged the process of the Democratic primaries. This is one reason why pushing Russiagate was a more attractive option.

Believe it or not, Clinton still believes she holds political viability for a potential 2020 run. This could be one reason why we’re seeing so many announced Democrats (most of ’em straw candidates). They not only take away support for Sanders, but they sufficiently muddy the waters for her to come in late to save the day, clear the field as the second Clinton “comeback kid” or to draw on “I wuz robbed” sympathy.

America’s corporate media would support her all the way!


America’s oligarchs always bank on hardcore Republican presidents to publicly announce and do the dirty work. They then rely on back-up quarterback Democrats to take over and make it appear they they are a remedy. But neither Bill Clinton or Obama were remedies as they too accomplished what oligarchs wanted, but they did it with a smile. (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy)

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“There’s room at the top they’re telling you still … but first you must learn how to smile as you kill … if you want to be like the folks on the hill” — John Lennon

Only a United Front behind Bernie Sanders can save the Democratic Party!!!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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