Will The Oddball New ‘Swamp Fox’ Drain The Swamp?

— Originally written as a Facebook Note on November 14, 2016 shortly after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton

According to Kellyanne Conway, “Drain The Swamp” remains at forefront of Trump’s agenda, this as he packs the presidential cabinet with inside career political hucksters.

How Will He Drain The Swamp?

  • Will he go after the Republican Congress? Doubtful, he’ll need those slimy creatures!
  • Does a drained swamp mean attacking consolidation of the media whereby only six corporations control 90 percent of all media? Well, that’d be a great start. But Trump has promised to put the big “D” back into the term deregulation. So likely he won’t swamp drain an already deregulated media. He’ll need them them much as a swamp needs bloodsuckers!
  • Could a drained swamp mean going after the one percent who’ve accumulated 90 percent of the wealth from 2008 to 2016? How’s he gonna do this when he’s already offered a huge tax break to the upper three brackets of wealthy? Trump, now being Oligarch-in-Chief, will especially want this crowd. He’ll enjoy how they treat him. These one percent oligarchs also run the military industrial complex. But defense spending Trump has already promised to beef up. These oligarchs run highly-paid internal security operations involving intelligence, special operations and provide mercenary soldiering. They run private prisons even. Already stock investments in these type industries are skyrocketing. Although fertile ground for swamp draining, I just don’t see Trump wanting to harm the alligators from this swamp.
  • Will Trump swamp drain private hospitals, insurance and pharmaceuticals, long a fab fav of Trump’s much-needed Republican Congress? Keep your boots on. This swamp ain’t gonna drain. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump undergoes panic attacks as he tries to figure how best to deal with the Affordable Health Care Act, especially with so many swamp monsters hovering over his double-deviled shoulders.
  • Is Trump gonna drain the wretched swamp of a very rigged two-party system? Doubtful. How do you think he got elected? How do you think those pesky pollywog members of the GOPwinger Congress will react, knowing they get re-elected over and over and over. Ninety-five percent of them return despite Congress holding a scant 11 percent public approval rating.
  • They’ll be no swamp draining of the fossil fuel companies either. It’ll be “drill baby, drill” anywhere and any time they want. They need your land? They’ll take it! Pipeline here? Pipeline there? No problem. Nope. Trump won’t drain the algae from this money-pitted scum pond.
  • Perhaps Trump will move to eliminate the nasty water moccasins infesting the K Street swamp, home of the greatest influence-peddling lobbyists on the planet — a congressman’s best friend. But he can’t do much with this group because they’ll be writing the spiffy new deregulation legislation the GOPwinger Congress will pass. More likely, Trump will be using his snake iron and will be golfing with ’em. [NOTE: He’ll likely golf with all of the swamplings.] No drainage here unless he decides to keep in the ruff some lobby firms who work for Democrats.

Are you one of the ones who got fooled by Trump?

So What Swamp Will Trump Drain?

He’ll likely define as swampy people-needed programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He’ll go after education, the environment and things like food and worker safety. He’ll go after unions or move into making them becoming mobcentric, and he’ll likely chip away at pension and retirement funds. He’ll champion low-wage jobs and minimum wage won’t see the light of day. He’ll especially go after research and development funding in the fields of health, science and climate change. Drug education, treatment and prevention will likely see cuts coupled with increased enforcement, private prison and criminal sanction expenditures.

Overall, it’s my bet Trump will further pollute the very swamp he claims he’ll drain.

What a horrible election! Clinton = corruption/war vs. Trump = corruption/war/police state. It’s too bad we can’t get the electoral swamp drained, the one which spawned both of Clinton and Trump!

Anyway, lotsa luck, folks! Battle lines have been drawn and the loyal opposition is already on the rise — stay tuned!

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!