Why Won’t US/SDF-Kurds Defeat ISIS at Iraqi-Syrian Border?

Check out the map, folks!

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ISIS Appears to Have Bought Permanent Real Estate Here — US Does Nothing!

You can see a small pocket landstrip of gray territory that is held by ISIS. It is east of the Syrian Euphrates River at the border with Iraq. Syria’s only eastern-available major access highway runs along the west side of the river, which Syria controls, towards major Iraqi cities. As a highway, it’s almost as important as the Damascus-to-Baghdad Highway, which the US blocks with a large military base inside of Syria.

Now here is the simple of it. I’ve been watching the Syrian conflict since before President Barack Obama drew a red line. I’ve watched territory come and go. But mostly I’ve observed the Syrian Army — with Russian, Iranian and Iraqi support — kick the hell out of ISIS and reclaim the land for Syria.

I’ve watched, from viewing maps, well over a dozen Syria v. ISIS battles. In seemingly every instance the Syrian Army identified a territory similar to the ISIS-held land the US/SDF-Kurds won’t capture. What the Syrian Army would do is drive a wedge right through the middle of the territory splitting it into two smaller pockets instead of one large pocket. This weakening would then enable the Syrian Army to capture both smaller-defended pockets.

Now I know the US has some generals who know how to do this. I know also those same generals have well-trained the SDF-Kurds that they can utilize the same tactic.

If you re-read the above you will understand the US has no interest in defeating ISIS. You see, the presence of ISIS provides the US an excuse to keep its own military forces — yes, illegally — in Syria!

Another oddity to this war is when the Syrian Army captures ISIS or Al Qaeda-held territory they always display the weapons — many US/European-made — the terrorist militants left behind. Photos are often shown what’s captured. The US-SDF-Kurds do not show any such photos.

What the US is doing in Syria is a violation of international law and our soldiers are needlessly placed at risk. This is mostly to help preserve Israel’s oil deal in the Golan Heights and keeping hope alive for a Saudi pipeline to extend into Europe. Why must our soldiers be put at risk and why are no US politicians doing anything to prevent this risk?

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