Economic Opportunity Without War — Why The Bernie Movement Must Grow & Prosper

— Wake up, folks! Yeah, I mean you!!!

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America has two expansive eastern and western oceans and is blessed with friendly neighbors north and south. Astonishingly, here is how it chooses to spend the money of its citizenry:

Of all the military spending in the world, below is how America ranks with other nations. Of the two super powers who potentially could be identified as a serious adversaries, Russia and China, their combined military spending totals 17.4%. When you combine the military budgets of the US with its aligned nations the combined military budgets equal about 80% of all worldwide military spending.

So not only does the US enjoy friendly neighbors at its northern and southern borders and two expansive oceans east and west, it cumulatively holds an 8 to 2 military advantage over its only serious adversaries.

Regarding worldwide military bases?

>>>”Russia has an estimated 26 to 40 in nine countries, mostly former Soviet Republics, as well as in Syria and Vietnam [perhaps now Venezuela]; the UK, France, and Turkey have four to 10 bases each; and an estimated one to three foreign bases are occupied by India, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.”<<<

All things considered, the US has nearly 1,000 worldwide military bases. Has America become embarrassingly-muscle bound? You bet!


US military and intelligence services are utilized as a lead component to set the table for US corporate exploitation of smaller nations where cheap and slave-like labor can be utilized to extract oil, diamonds, gold, silver, copper, tin, timber and rubber, etc. Is it any wonder why the US sells military weapons to 73% of all of the world’s dictators? Call it protection money!

As it goes, the US military presence helps to establish a corporate-friendly government. A corporate-friendly ambassador then gets appointed, banking loans become determined in such a way the nation becomes indebted to US interests and then drug gangs, or terrorists, become used to prop up the US-installed or US-friendly government. Thus, all of the money from the resources of those nations flow into the pockets of a few US fat cats at the top!

Important Questions

  1. Is America’s huge military expenditure actually protecting our citizenry?
  2. If so, what gains do we the citizenry receive from such massive military spending and geographical location?
  3. Is America’s huge military expenditure actually protecting corporate America?
  4. If so, what gains do corporations receive from such massive military spending and geographical location, and what is the percentage of US corporations that actually receive this gain? Is it a large or small percentage?
  5. US privatization/deregulation policy began intensely during the Reagan-Bush administration and carried forward with each succeeding presidential administration. Throughout this period, CEO pay rose 940% whereas worker pay rose only 12%. The collapse of America’s middle class coincided with the collapse of America’s labor unions. This spawned such severe inequality ultimately birth was given to America’s Occupy Wall Street/Occupy America Movement, formed in September of 2011. With help from what had become a monopolized news media, the government suppressed this important movement. Since JFK was shot, both political parties have effectively served as oligarch protection units. Is it now clear to you why the powers-that-be do not want Bernie Sanders as the US president?

IMPORTANT NOTE — WARREN WARNINGS: Please do not become confused by the Trojan horse politics of Liz Warren who is backed by high-powered political operatives. Without her firmly committing, pledging to support the very progressive Bernie Sanders at the 2020 Democratic Convention do not trust her as a progressive. Her background and actions prove she’s very much like what’s called a bad bishop on a chess board.


Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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