Why America Always Wants War!

US Petro Dollar vs. Chinese Yuan

The Afghanistan and Iraq wars came on the heels of 9/11, an incident so powerful nearly every citizen became an American flag-carrying Samurai warrior in its aftermath. Despite the severity, the pain and anguish experienced by so many from 9/11, both of these wars were wrongful, immoral, existed due to ulterior imperial objective and they did not need to happen.

The best evidence for proving this are the proxy wars which followed Afghanistan and Iraq, the regime-change policies promulgated by Western powers and encroachments by NATO upon the borders of Russia. The so-called Iraq War “Coalition of The Willing” quickly morphed into a “Coalition of The Killing.” It was initiated from the Bush-Cheney White House by a then warmongering quasi-secret unit called The Office of Special Plans. Many of the evil neocons who participated now sit in seats of power and influence within the Trump Administration.

Iran, several African nations, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba are nations currently sitting in the crosshairs of what I call America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project, spearheaded by the most powerful military in the world. Except for Cuba, which has a government completely contrary to US interests, each of these nations are rich in natural resources such as oil, gold, diamonds and other precious minerals. None of these nations accept America’s hegemony.

Oligarchy in America

First, it’s important to understand America is more an oligarchy than a democracy (see Princeton Study on Oligarchy, 2014).

Some would argue the US has not seen a real election of democracy since JFK and LBJ. After their administrations we saw tactics to winning the presidency range from Nixon-Agnew sabotaging the Paris Peace Talks to End Vietnam; Reagan-Bush preventing Carter-Mondale from freeing embassy hostages in Iran; and on into the controversies of the Bush-Clinton years. Essentially, we’ve seen right-wing Wall Street policy prevail in every election and presidential administration (including Obama-Biden).

Since Nixon, it’s been Democrats coming in for presidential mop up duty, this after Republicans were flagrantly violative — sort of a good cop (D) and bad cop (R) scenario!

Consequently, the U.S. was finally demoted from a “full democracy” to a “flawed democracy,” for the first time in 2017, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). It remains so today. If anybody needs evidence for this, simply review the 2016 presidential election. Read: Money buys elections!

Second, prior to the marveling breakthrough of internet communications, with Russia and China held in check, the US pretty much did whatever it wished in terms of installing America-friendly dictatorial governments and corporate-friendly ambassadors in resource-rich Third World nations. This provided not only resources for profiteering, but also cheap labor and tax havens. But the internet eventually made this more difficult as greater political awareness began spreading throughout the world. This is also why we now see proxy wars and no longer direct American military intervention.

Downgrade of The American Dream

The Reagan-Bush Administration had already begun diminishing The American Dream by crushing labor and pushing for privatization and deregulation policies. Americans began losing well-paying union jobs, pensions, homes, access to health and education, etc.

The Clinton-Gore Administration followed by eliminating the Glass-Steagall Act which gave Big Banking free reign to speculate in markets, and it deregulated the FCC which helped to spawn a monopolized media. Today, five media conglomerates control 90% of all media! Investigative journalism budgets were slashed (many became Pentagon-CIA plants) and all main media ombudsmen (the people watch-dog eye critics) were dismissed or phased out.

The Bush-Cheney, Obama-Biden and Trump-Pence administrations each followed with Wall Street-friendly policy. Forget not, it was Obama who turned America into an oil exporting nation due to fracking. Under the Obama and Trump administrations virtually all of new wealth created — 85–95% — has gone to fat cats at the top. Bush-Cheney, of course, milked and collapsed the American economy thus causing Obama to have to bail out big banks deemed “too big to fail.”

Since Reagan-Bush, CEO pay has risen 937% whereas worker pay, with increased productivity, has increased only 11%.

Due to internet expansion, the American oligarchs, unable to as easily rape Third World resources, increasingly began squeezing America’s middle class causing many to slip into poverty status. Today, only 39 percent of Americans have enough money in savings to cover a $1,000 family emergency. The jobs now available are low-paying and often workers still need apply for food stamps and many are living doubled and tripled up in housing, some homeless in tents.

Federal minimum wage remains at $7.25 with no increase since 2009. Is this not telling?

Effects from The Drug War

The drug war contributes to narco-terrorism worldwide. Resultant drug gangs help to prop up dictatorial governments and feed off-the-books profiteering. Drug smuggling routes are also used as weapons smuggling routes which helps to breed subservience within smaller resource-rich nations. Private mercenary armed forces have also become a convenient tool for population suppression.

The drug war also is prominent in America as a means of controlling the electorate and inherently causing many folks to stop participating in democracy. Drugs purposefully have flooded into our communities. They create an underground population and economy that is commandeered by a private profiteering prison, probation, urine-testing and policing system which also can lead to forfeiture of assets.

Combine this with terrorism and the surveillance state, and America’s civil liberties have taken a severe beating. It’s almost like the best way to enslave people has become to make them think they are free!

Today, one of every 100 Americans is in jail, one of every 55 are on probation and 12% of Americans hold felony convictions. The percentage of voter turnout in the 1960s, prior to Nixon’s drug war, was over 60%. These days it ranges close to 50%.

It’s important to consider that slightly over 25% of the electorate actually vote for who becomes the US president. It gets worse when it comes to state and municipal elections. Only about 33% vote in state and 18% vote in municipal elections. So it becomes half of those numbers to become governor or the mayor. Add in the influence of obscene amounts of money that buys both politician loyalty and elections and you can see why America today is a flawed democracy.

America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project

So how does America’s power play out? Take Libya, for example, and then compare to what is today happening in Venezuela. America’s oligarchs will never stand for any government that threatens its feeding trough. If a government stops using America’s petro-dollar that government runs a severe risk of being overthrown, as happened with Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya and now being attempted with Maduro in Venezuela.


Right-wing politics in America — Democrats behaving like Republicans — not only is bad for America, it’s also bad for the world. America has taken a unipolar approach which sucks the wealth of the world into the hands of only a privileged few. In the age of the internet, the awareness of this makes the condition more and more unacceptable. The possibility of a major world war with nuclear capability becomes more and more likely. We must reverse this trend — vote for Bernie!

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!