Whose Oligarchs Will Win The Presidency?

— How many actually see the forest through the trees?

Michael Weddle
4 min readAug 23, 2019
No billionaire is a political outsider!

To figure out American politics we must delve deeply into critical thinking, and not simply accept what mainstream corporate media tells us.

The popularity contest of candidates is always interesting, but it really comes down to who will vote in 2020. On this, Trump’s base is undeniably strong. This is certainly not reflected in my neck of the woods (eastern Massachusetts), but elsewhere throughout the country it’s quite different. Whether we like it or not, Trump’s base will vote!

Importantly, think how likely it is that Trump’s GOPwingers already are planning a political strategy that factors in the DNC screwing over Bernie Sanders a second time. This could well be the reason why Trump hasn’t yet pulled the trigger on a wider war in Syria, a new war in Iran, Venezuela or North Korea.

It’s vital we “see the forest through the trees!”

Since JFK was shot, controlling the presidency has more become a matter of which party’s oligarchs get to control the economy. It’s not media-induced god, gun and gay issues that determines whose side you are on! Modern presidential politics has little to do with governing for people (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy). This is precisely why the economics of the candidacy of Bernie Sanders is such a breath of fresh air!

The 2008 electorate thought Obama was a populist outsider, but once elected he governed as an insider. Forget not that Trump actually won as a populist — he masqueraded as a political outsider. Take the lesson, folks: No billionaire is a political outsider!

The 2016 electorate ultimately wanted Bernie, but was forced to settle for Trump in a bid to break up the pedigreed system of politics. This was especially true in The Rust Belt sporting a very strong working class demographic. Pedigreed politics had taken their jobs away!

As presidential candidate Andrew Yang has decried, we can’t judge America on how well the GDP or the stock market is doing. From both Republican and Democratic presidential administrations, since Reagan-Bush, CEO pay has risen 940% while worker pay has risen only 12%. Compare to this, during the same period, cost of living increases from rent to food to the price of a beer or going to a big league ball game, etc. Hello misery!

Under both Obama and Trump, 85% to 95% of all new wealth generated in America went to the fat cats at the top. Of those invested in America’s stock market, 84% are investments from America’s top 10 percent.

Unlike the worker who invests their hard-earned paychecks back into the economy, the fat cats simply squirrel their “free” money out of the country into untraceable Cayman, Malta or Swiss bank accounts, or they invest in their own investments. Some so charitably will arrange for a hospital wing under their name!

Nobody knows the ‘little guy’ anymore. Poor folk these days are relegated to living within a drug-infested/orphan-of-the-court underground economy which offers few, if any, opportunity. Many folks won’t appear to cast their vote under the bright lights of America’s voting stations — and this is without specific voter suppression tactics utilized by both political parties!

For all of Russiagate, for all of Trump’s scandalous and aberrant behavior, for all of the media’s anti-Trump condemnation (largely to cover its tracks because it didn’t properly vet Trump when he announced — Hillary’s “pied piper!”), for all of the hammering Trump has taken from 25 declared Democratic presidential candidates … for all of this, and more, the GOPwingers incredulously lead Democrats in Gallup’s monthly voter registration tracking poll (29% to 27%).

This brings us back to who will vote in 2020. The rate of Independent voters steadily is around 40% with a high of 46%. Democrats won’t win without a strong Independent donkey voter turnout. But what actually are Democrats doing to earn this vote?

The reason why Bernie Sanders led Trump substantially by double digits in all 2016 polling is because Bernie drew 7 of every 10 Independent voters. Against this backdrop, and astonishingly, the DNC attempts to expand the number of closed primary states (where Independents can’t vote in the primary) and they are trying to convert pro-Sanders caucus states into primaries, hoping Bernie won’t win them.

The DNC wants its own oligarch protection in power, not Bernie Sanders. The GOPwingers always have oligarch protection. If it comes to a choice between the Sanders democratic socialist revolution or oligarchy, the DNC would opt for oligarchy. Only a very strong movement of support behind Bernie Sanders can change this.

And, oh, please, oh, please, oh please … do not fall for Liz Warren’s cozy straw candidacy.



Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!