Who Ruined Modern America?

— A long line of Caligula Republicans

Michael Weddle
5 min readNov 30, 2021

[NOTE: Originally published on November 29, 2015 as a Facebook Note. As some of you realize Facebook butchered its Facebook Notes feature, so I am re-publishing here with some slight editing and a few additions.]

How does the cruelty of Republicans originate? How are they formed? Who sets their table? How are so many people who vote Republican persuaded into voting against their own best interests? And, finally, are the political operatives of Republicans and political operatives of the corporate Democrats working hand in hand with the media to create a result favorable for Wall Street? You bet!

The Occupy Movement exposed this as well did the 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy. But, for now, let’s examine some GOPwinger history.

Some think it all began when Richard Nixon wore the wrong suit against John Kennedy in the first-ever publicized presidential debate. I think we can all agree, no matter what suit Nixon wore, he was corrupt and a crook! But the problem is everyone mostly pays attention only to Nixon and not to his “evil-doer” political operatives who were led by Lee Atwater.

Yes, some of Nixon’s cronies went to jail. But not all of ‘em! Some went on, as proteges of Atwater, to package Ronald Reagan and the father-son Bushes, each of whom got elected primarily due to domestic racism and militarism on the foreign policy front.

Propaganda and dirty tricks were second nature to the following “evil-doers” listed below. These are some of the folks who helped to divide America and leave our nation with the foreign and domestic policies from which we continue to suffer today?

Lee Atwater — The Dirty Tricks Professor:

Roger Ailes — Only FoxNews News Director- Ever:

Karl Rove — “Bush’s Brain” & GOP PAC Head:

Ed Rollins — Sunday Morning GOP Pundit Smooth Man:

Roger Stone — Trickster Nixon Freak Who Stopped Floridian Recount Vote in Bush v. Gore:

Of course, there were many who followed them. America actually had a shot at becoming a better nation, and a better leader on earth, had the spirit and political direction of Jimmy Carter been allowed to continue. But Carter’s reelection bid was sabotaged by the GOPwinger political operatives as in a deal with Ronald Reagan Iran held back the hostages until after the election and later saw the Iran-Contra weapons deal come its way.

Historically, all about guns, fanatic-level evangelism and tax cuts for millionaires, Republicans have always been vicious! GOPwingers even opposed a worldwide UN Disabilities Act similar to the US Disabilities Act! Today’s GOP breed, under Trump, are among the worst when it comes to violence.

GOPwingers Denying Democrats

Interestingly, until Barack Obama, the last Democrat to complete two full terms in the office of the presidency — free of an impediment like impeachment — was progressive Democrat Franklin Roosevelt who was elected to four terms.

Harry Truman took over when FDR died early during his last term. Truman could have legally run again, but he opted not to given that he served three years of FDR’s last term. So Truman made an honorable decision. Republican Ike Eisenhower then took over for the next eight years.

Next was progressive Democrat JFK, but he got assassinated three years into his first term. Democrat Lyndon Johnson finished Kennedy’s term and got elected for a second. Republican Richard Nixon’s cruel political operatives then sabotaged the Vietnam Paris Peace Talks thus disrupting the chances for Democrats to win reelection. We had Nixon for nearly eight years, but he proved corrupt and resigned paving the way for Republican Gerald Ford tp finish Nixon’s second term.

Democrat Carter, on the coattails of Nixon’s corruption, won a term. But then Ronald Reagan’s political operatives made an evil deal for Iran to continue holding the American hostages. Reagan, with ex-CIA chief George H.W. Bush as VP, thus defeated Carter and went on to win two terms. Next came Bush for one term. But the combined corruption of 12 years of Reagan and Bush proved too much and Democrat Bill Clinton became president.

Clinton’s second term was marred by the impeachment causing him to govern with Republican-like decisions (repealing Glass-Steagal, deregulating the FCC, furthering the drug war and private prisons, etc.). With Democrat Clinton behaving as a Republican can we count this as two full Democratic terms?]

After Clinton, we saw George W. Bush steal the election from Al Gore and then engage in two wars so he could run for his second term as a “war president.” No US president has ever lost reelectionin a time of war. Next came another stolen election from John Kerry (see Ohio controversy).

Barrack Obama is finally now in line to become the first Democrat to serve two full terms (without the impediment of impeachment or assassination) since FDR!

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