Who Needs The Challenge?

As always, I reek of the minority viewpoint and remain thirsty for the water of understanding. No matter how hard I try or how much ice I put in the bucket, I just can’t shake the rest of America into thinking like me.

Oh, well … woe, and so it goes!

[NOTE: I often present an original song I wrote for background music as you read along. Here is Pray For The Glacier!]

My minority viewpoint especially rings true when it comes to Russia. For example, I called Russiagate false from the get-go. Russia never hacked the DNC or do the other stuff that was obnoxiously and falsely alleged as if in a daily time warp continuum. For years, it’s been: Why can’t I change the channel or turn the dial to get away from this pabulum!?!

But what’s odd, contrary to how presented in America’s media, is that Russia is patched together as a leftwing nation more than a rightwing one. The funny thing is, in 2016, it would have preferred a Bernie over a Donald. The privileged Hillary was overly insulting. So how could a proud Vladimir possibly want a candidate like her to win! Deep down, Putin knew Trump was a lying, rude and crude dude with a penchant for violence who could barely play checkers. Why would the chess-playing Putin, who has nothing to do with golf, want him! He didn’t!

Indeed, Vlady and Bernie would have gotten along and we in the world therefore would have become better positioned, maybe happy even. Instead, we got and continue to get the same scary scene on both domestic and foreign policy fronts with daily doses of never-ending deprivation here or there.

Facts are facts, even if sad.

Putin was smart enough to know the US presidential race, as always, would simply become another Oligarch Derby. In 2016, it was a billionaire vs. millionaire. In 2020? Same deal! Putin knows too well that those kind of politicians always advocate hegemon unipolar military-domination policy, always opposite to what Russia needs or wants.

Indeed, Bernie Sanders would have been different.

But the American media never drew this association or even presented this possibility to the wider public, as it was all wrapped up in Hillary. We’ve been bogged down with the Trumplestiltskin ever since. Technically, we still are. In 2024? Odds are we’ll see billionaire vs. millionaire, perhaps a slight variation. But ultimately it’ll still be yet another Oligarch Derby — Putin knows this!

If anything, we should all be glad Putin has remained unique from past Russian presidents. He has never become Americanized. Still, it’s a sad fact America has become so screwed up, there was no way Bernie could ever have accepted a Putin endorsement nor could he realistically deliver one.

Americans have become so shepherded into the two mainstream political parties they do not understand or appreciate the depth of politics anymore. An expansive American political viewpoint is virtually non-existent today.

But it’s not like Americans aren’t capable of understanding politics. Somehow, over the past 100 years we’ve managed to elect two progressive presidents: FDR who was elected to four terms and the JFK who came later and got shot during his first term. Sadly, it’s been Bad-Luck America/Good-Luck Oligarchy ever since JFK got shot!

Corporate media today — with five conglomerates control 90% of all media — has everybody clamoring for Putin’s head ‘cause he didn’t appreciate the CIA, UK poodles and NATO sycophants parading around Ukraine with Azov Nazis and C-14/ Right Sector ultra rightwing fascists all of whom had permeated into Ukraine’s government. This, of course, after the US helped to spur the 2014 coup that toppled Ukraine’s democratically-elected government. Typically, Eric Prince and other mercenaries and US defense contractors have made a killing!

Whether by using Islamist terrorists or Ukrainian Nazis it all means US geopolitical control in the scheme of things and a Grand Ole’ Haliburton Kaching for those with cash worthy paws who aren’t afraid of killing. Perversely, some may even get highways, airports or buildings named after them!

Russian Soldiers Into Ukraine

Personally? I don’t think Putin should have moved his military — like America often has done — into the sovereign territory of another nation. I think other options were available. However, what daily news follower can deny the fact that Putin was egged into committing to an invasion that everyone believed would be bad for Putin. It’s very possible when Zelensky said Ukraine still had the technology and know-how and perhaps should consider redeveloping nuclear weapons, that opened the Ukrainian door for Russian soldiers.

And who would have believed Putin had he expressed that the large Russian military build-up surrounding Ukraine was there for President Zelensky’s decision-making benefit, so he could make decisions free of Nazi or NATO influence? But The NATO Warp was on full-press daring Putin to invade! When Zelensky stated that Ukraine, given it still possessed the technology, might opt to again have nuclear weapons that was the finally straw for Putin. The Russian military advanced.

Frankly, I think he should have decided to only move into the two breakaway republics based upon invitation and subsequent to Russia formally recognizing Luhansk and Donetsk’s national sovereignty. But that’ll be for today’s historians to debate down future roads.

Fundamentally however, if viewed objectively, Putin’s army is present in Ukraine for some really good reasons. But those reasons haven’t been described well enough in Western media. Anyone reading the US-UK spin would naturally end up hating Putin or his Russians.

Sadly, America has resorted back into the mindset of Freedom Fries, Freedom Toast or Trumpamerican flags flying boldly on backs of trucks or out windows of cars! We now live to incessant chants of “Go USA!” and “We Love Ukraine” even though today we’re barely number one in anything that is good and even though Ukraine’s government and administrative functions have become Nazi and ultra rightwing infiltrated!

Look at what the Western public relation specialists who describe the war from the distance and who manufacture the likes of Remember Snake Island or the tales of The Ghost of Kiev have done to Ukraine’s President Zelensky!

Me and My Opinion

Be all of this as it may, why do I get the feeling most of my critics have not watched, in full, Putin’s many State Of Union speeches or observed his three-to-four hour long press conferences? Can anybody describe any of his outreach to academics or the scientific community? Can anyone in America tell me why he hold a 71% approval rating in Russia?

What has been Putin’s role with uniting China, India, Brazil and South Africa into BRICS? Do you know the BRICS nations alone account for 40% of the world’s population? And what role will BRICS play when China’s Belt Road Initiative blossoms more fully? What will happen when Brazil’s Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva soon defeats the rightwinger Jair Bolsonaro and becomes the new president of Brazil?

How will our world change?

When you consider only 60 nations, many reluctantly, back the US choice of Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela, you’ve got to consider the vast majority of the 195 nations in the world are gonna very often side with BRICS instead of the US and its UK poodle. The whole scope of the United Nations could change, or perhaps there might even rise a whole new world UN body politic … perhaps one based in Israel?

Remember, Western oligarchs can’t hang on forever and think they can always pin the blame on the Russian oligarchs, most of whom Putin previously booted out of Russia after taking over from Boris Yeltsin.

So, in my humble opinion, rather than subjugate yourself into the Western media spin, ridicule and insult aimed at the intelligence of Putin (he’s not crazy!), perhaps it might behoove you to better understand his role and how exactly he fits into what rapidly is becoming the below condition.

My minority opinion I actually offer for the good of America. The bottom line is our nation has to change remarkably so that it fits better into the whole wide world!

I will close with a song I wrote:




Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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