Who Is America’s Middle East Enemy?

United States policy makers have bragged considerably it is at war with ISIS in Syria, its sole justification for being militarily present in Syria. But what about Al Qaeda in Syria? Is America at war with Al Qaeda? Does America assist other nations now at war with Al Qaeda? How many Al Qaeda fighters has the American military killed in Syria?

I’ve never seen such a report. Have you?

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It’s almost like Al Qaeda has disappeared from the US radar screen!

It gets more confusing when one reads news reports like the following:

And then there’s even crazier reporting like this:

It’s also important to understand how the war in Syria began. Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh gives us a clue:

Also important to know about is Operation Timber Sycamore:

Let’s add it up.

The US, in recent modern history, has been aligned with Saudi Arabia and other Emirate nations with an ultimate objective to prop the US Petro-Dollar. The US has always been aligned with Israel and supports its annexation of Syrian land in The Golan Heights where huge amounts of oil deposits have been discovered. There are also huge gas deposits off the coast of Israel and Lebanon, also off the coast of Cyrus (a new problem soon to manifest).

I theorize the US went to war on Iraq not so much as to steal Iraq’s oil, but rather to keep Iraq’s oil away from the market, this coupled with sanctions on Iran. The US created its NATO war on Libya after Muammar Gaddafi declared intention to establish a new African currency, based on gold. Although purposed to strengthen his leadership in African Third World nations, this new currency would compete with the Petro-Dollar. Such is a no-no in the US geopolitical scheme of things.

Keeping the Petro-Dollar alive and well, it became good-bye Saddam and good-bye Muammar! Sadly, it also became hello Al Qaeda, hello ISIS, hello to slavery auctions now in Libya and hello to Middle Eastern/African refugees scattered all over Europe and beyond!

Meanwhile the Petro-Dollar is preserved, alive and well!

Next became the push for regime change in Syria which would effectively fly lots of balloons on one string for the interests of American, Saudi and Israeli oligarchs. Israel would keep the Golan Heights (where it presently draws 60% of its water and the newly-discovered oil pocketed by Cheney, Murdoch, Rothschild, et. al.) and the Saudis, of course, would continue to dominate with oil.

US military bases would be secured widely throughout the Middle East effectively blocking any potential Cross Shia Crescent alliance between Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. For contrast, these four nations aligned would represent a geographical area equal in size to the United States and would compete against US regional interests.

But there were three serious problems:

First, Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s president, has refused to say bye-bye and he called for his counter part in Russia and his counterpart in Iran to help save his nation. Russia, for nearly 70 years, has ported its Mediterranean naval fleet in Syria. It won’t give this up. Also, Russia supplies Europe with its energy needs and the last thing Russia would want is Saudi-Emirate oil moving through Syrian-Turkish-Baltic pipelines into Europe. Iran, diametrically opposed to the US, also wants a cross-Shia pipeline into the Mediterranean. So both nations understandably came to Assad’s rescue.

Second, Iraq, Libya and Syria each offered secular governments where citizens were free to worship whatever religion they choose and could hold political office no matter their affiliation. Each nation had functioning stock markets, real estate markets, educational institutions well-attended by women, utilities and infrastructure and health care for their citizens. Disrupting these governments not only was counter-productive but, predictably by many good thinkers, it opened the hornet nests we see today.

Third, a greater threat than Iraq’s oil being fully on the market and or Libya’s threat to create a new African currency based on gold is the economic threat which now looms from Russia-allied China’s Belt Road Initiative. Not only has China created the first true threat to the Petro-Dollar with its introduction of the Chinese Petro-Yuan (backed by gold) its long-term vision of re-opening and ancient Silk Road trading land and sea trading routes using green infrastructure.

What’s important to realize is the US actions are meant to defend the financial interest of a very few here in America. America’s militaristic aggression in the Middle East and Africa has nothing to do with helping out the rank and file citizens of the USA! At best, we offer our children — who join the military to get ahead in a bad economy — to become fodder for wars that only enrich American oligarchs.

Why would the US actively oppose rebuilding efforts for war-torn Syria after ISIS has been eliminated? Is the US in favor of Syrian refugees remaining in Europe and beyond?

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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