When Propaganda Beckons, Thinking Your Way Through It Helps!

Many folks are relying on what the press is reporting about Russiagate as much as the FBI relied on what Crowdstrike reported: Two Hillary Clinton-paid-for Crowdstrike reports, this plus the also-Clinton-paid-for Fusion GPS dirty dossier). The Russiagate table got set.

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Americans have been indoctrinated into hating Russia ever since. Interestingly, this same hate fever also caught into Britain where the British folk too became indoctrinated into hating Russia. Has anyone yet thought to ask why are the world’s top two imperial powers are behaving so similarly?

But let’s stick with the nitty-gritty: Did the Russians really meddle in the 2016 election?

Look very carefully at the chart in the photo header of the Steemit link below. You’ll note Wikileaks actually acquired documents after Crowdstrike had installed its defensive and preventative Falcon application onto the DNC’s computers. This implies Wikileaks acquired from a leak, not a hack.

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What’s also interesting about the Steemit link is it shows a Crowdstrike employee using intentionally misdated video in order to hype the government overthrow in Venezuela. He likely didn’t think anyone would notice his tweet except his fans, but there are indeed eagle eyes all over the social media, many of whom are actually unemployed, hopefully now freed-up, journalists.

Regarding the lying of those indicted or about to become indicted? Well, they weren’t all lying about the same thing. The multiple lies were produced from different and unique often ugly circumstances, many of which had nothing to do with Russia. The liars? Liars all! But it’s not like they were lying, as a herd, in conspiracy.

With respect to lying, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) were 100% correct when they challenged the government and the media regarding the build-up of the War on Iraq. It certainly seems the government and the media are lying again as Russiagate has seen bombshell after bombshell released only to become retracted later. It’s like lots of pieces to a puzzle that’ll never get put together as key pieces are missing.


Anyway, I’ve love to be proven wrong, I’d love for VIPS to become proven wrong — have Trump out of office yesterday! But I’ve seen and read too much and I don’t think this is gonna happen based on Russiagate only. Hence, I can comfortably write I’m doomed; we’re all doomed! There’s no easy resolve to this except a new united front to the way we think politically. But this can only come by first understanding the deeper problem.

The above article, featuring FDR and JFK photos, is about oligarchy. I call it America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP).

Russiagate has all the hallmarks of McCarthyism, except instead of a right-wing GOPwinger senator pushing it, this time it’s Inside Beltway Democrats making the push. McCarthyism simply doesn’t appear by itself. It is manufactured. As a political force, it remained active, successful and devastating in America from 1950 to 1956.

With Russiagate today, we’ve now in year three. But today it’s easier to push McCarthyism now that the press has become monopolized, and politicians — more than before — are deeply beholden to the money which bleeds from the lobbyist/consultant class. Yes, today, implementing McCarthyism is easy. Do you feel it when you watch or read the news?

Interestingly, the great fear is not Russia alone. The unspoken albatross to US imperial intent is actually China. Its Belt Road Initiative intensively boosting international trade while using green infrastructure and introduction of its petrol yuan to compete with America’s petro dollar are the true economic threats. This explains the current trend for multiple regional proxy wars in The Stan Region, The Middle East, Africa and why the US is now pushing a coup on oil and gold-rich Venezuela.

A war on Venezuela, which recently opted off of the petro dollar, flies two balloons on one string: a) the victory would to fill the oil and gold coiffeurs of the US to enable stronger future competition against China-Russia, especially since the US could deny Venezuela’s oil and gold to those nation; and b) make Donald Trump a war president for the 2020 presidential election, since a US war president has never lost re-election.

None of this is a battle to defend the interests and well-being of you or me or helping folks living in struggle in foreign countries. It’s become a huge battle to defend only the interests of the fat cats at the top, the AOEP. In the great scheme of things what we small folk think or feel doesn’t matter much at all. After all, often what we think can easily become manipulated or diminished into little or no influence. This is also why the political left in America is always kept divided.

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What we’ve got to realize is the enemy isn’t only the right wing, but also the center which has leaned right ever since ex-CIA chief George H.W. Bush took control of the Reagan Administration. The American oligarchs have done quite well since then, have they not?

Since the CIA chief took power in America, CEO pay has increased by 937% compared to a pitiful 11% for the worker! Hey, doesn’t this sound a bit like how the media describes ex-KGB Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchs. You bet it does!

But don’t worry, it’ll get worse. Anyway, you, the reader, have two choices: a) you can do something about it now; or, b) worry harder about it all later. Perhaps a greater sense of censorship will help you finally see what now only too few see.

Best of luck to us, it’s only our planet that depends on our ability to act. Or we could simply walk into the woods and ponder what Thoreau said: ‘If a plant can not live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man!”

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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