When Facebook Memories Rechime Logic & Truth

—These FB Memories tend to remind one that they knew in the past what was once going on!

Michael Weddle
3 min readFeb 18, 2022

[Written February 17, 2018, eliciting 102 Comments and five Shares]

Only one of the above told the truth and acted accordingly — he lost both elections!

>>>Trump got around 5 to 6 billion in free publicity from America’s media. But the Readers Digest Democrat mindset [not to be confused with the Readers Digest Republican mindset] would have you believe that three Russians organizations and 13 individuals spending over a $100,000 tipped the scales out of Hillary’s favor. OK. Sure! Let’s blame the Russians for Trump! Even though the organizations got involved way before Trump even announced for the presidency.

It’s bad enough Trump exaggerates every day of the year. So why do Democrats have to exaggerate just like him on the Russian issue?

Let’s just face the simple facts: Clinton lost because she was a terrible candidate and had lots of baggage. Trump won because the US media helped him get the nomination coupled with his celebrity personality and the fact the nation was sick of insiders and wanted an outsider.

Bernie was the best outsider, but Clinton rigged the Democratic primary on him. Given it was Clinton the insider vs. Trump the outsider, Trump got the nod. Of course, the GOPwingers helped him by purging the voting lists in Republican-controlled states [this helped him win WI, MI and PA].

But, please folks, do your integrity some favor: Do not blame the Russians that Clinton lost! What’s the proverbial line? Oh, yeah: GET REAL!<<<

Real Reason Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Below is the real reason. It’s important to note that with two senate races and two runs for the presidency, Clinton’s performance in past races proved she was never an extraordinary candidate. Winning mostly due to name recognition, both her NY US Senate races were lackluster at best. And she outright lost both her presidential bids.

Except for when she became a well-liked First Lady in 1992, HRC in later years was perceived as an insider nobody really wanted. This was mostly because she shed the progressive left for the conservative right. As years rolled on she became tagged as the penultimate insider. This was especially true given she and her husband had solidified powerful media connections and they had become The Powerhouse within the Democratic Party!

Dating back to when America’s then-CIA chief became Ronald Reagan’s vice president in 1980, it’s pretty much been a Bush-Clinton America. Think. Had HRC won in 2016 and had she become elected in 2020, it would have meant a Bush or a Clinton at the top of 10 of 11 presidential administrations.

Oh, well. This was simply a nice little reminder courtesy of Facebook Memories with a very much untalked-about twist at the end. I recommend also reading the following:



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