What’s Underneath Underneath … RussiaGate & Mueller, et. al.

Have you noticed there’s been little to no attention given to those who received immunity or limited immunity?

If you have the power, do a keyword search and see how often the name Craig Murray comes up within the America media relative to Wikileaks and Russiagate

Adam Carter’s New Report

Of course, Adam Carter and the Forensicator, were not interviewed by the Mueller investigators.

Also not interviewed were Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange; former UK ambassador Craig Murray who claimed he flew to Washington DC to retrievfe Wikileaks documents; Internet pioneering mogul Kim Dotcom (who has claimed he advised Seth Rich on how to contact Wikileaks); former National Security Agency director Bill Binney (who invented many NSA programs now in use); the former CIA aide who delivered morning intelligence briefs to the president, Ray McGovern; IBM’s national project manager for 25 years, Skip Folden; and many other former intelligence officials who have worked with Veteran Intelligence Professions for Sanity (ViPS).

Who Got Immunity and/or Limited Immunity … and why?

I’ve always remained miffed I’ve never been able to find a list of those individuals who were granted immunity, or limited immunity, throughout the entire investigatory process — this includes, Clinton, Trump and all Russiagate-related investigations. One would think the main media would be hounding for such information, especially an investigative reporter.

Unfortunately, today’s media function more as members of an Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) than as scribes for a free press. Media in America has become consolidated so that five conglomerate corporations control 90% of all media Americans see. True investigative reporters have been replaced by Pentagon, State Department or CIA plants and, if you check the credits of movies, you’ll discover the DOD and CIA often mentioned. Meanwhile, viewers have been glued to cop shows on television for decades, and hero-worshiping of celebrities, including England’s Queen and royal family, is unavoidable.

Who cares about truth?

Indeed, every major media outlet has dismissed its ombudsmen positions. The ombudsmen, since the beginning of a free press, was always meant to serve as a watchdog eye over quality and accuracy in journalism. If the media outlet went afoul from truth, the ombudsmen would then step in and correct the record. Like the great song Where Have All The Flowers Gone it is today Where Have All The Ombudsmen Gone?

Yes, today’s media serves as an OPU for America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project.

In closing, some key questions:

Can someone answer why Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, went to work for The Washington Post soon after the election ended, and was his brother, Tony Podesta, provided immunity by Mueller and, if so, why?

Can someone also answer why Clinton’s campaign manager is now prominently displayed all over CNN and providing political analysis?

Why has Warren Flood — Joe Biden’s former IT director — never been mentioned in relationship to Russiagate, and why are no reporters investigating the relationship?

Why would any rational thinker believe Julian Assange — a lifelong pacifist who believes in government transparency and who hangs around with progressives— would support a greedy militaristic Donald Trump who is a renown violence-prone liar with substantial mob ties? Additionally, regarding Trump, why didn’t the media investigate this before, during and shortly after Trump’s presidential announcement?

Why would anyone who has read Vladimir Putin’s last two state of the union speeches relative to domestic policy not think that Putin is a better Democrat than Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer?


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