Western Civilization Leaders Promote War, Displace People & Destroy Antiquities

It’s bad enough the US government lets privileged bankers in pin-striped suits rob banks free of severe repercussion. It’s also bad when government leaders support rogue regime change elements that not only destroy and displace citizenship but also loot antiquities to sell into the black market, while also destroying archeological sites.

It’s almost as if, to the Western political leader, Middle East history consists only of Bethlehem, a wonderful donkey tale and an annual celebration leading to guilt relief and follow-up new year resolutions pinned to more of the same.

Iraq, Libya and Syria

Nonetheless, the theft remains:


Anyone remember when the Bush-Cheney “Coalition of the Willing” first occupied Iraq? Under US control Iraq’s oil fields were immediately secured, but its government buildings, libraries and museums were looted and ransacked. Much of the record-keeping of Iraqi citizens became destroyed in the process.

I suppose it’s easier for the occupying force when citizens you seek to control have no identity, their cultural affinities stolen or destroyed and morality left bare-naked.



So what happened to Libya’s antiquities, its records of citizenship and ownership to property? Such recordkeeping must be difficult to ascertain given today there are conflicting Libyan governments, competing militarized religious sects and private mercenary armies coupled to an ongoing Libyan slave trade. Meanwhile, as if not to notice this, the US bombs elsewhere.

As for matters of value, we know from reading investigative journalist Seymour Hersh that America helped to funnel Muammar Gaddafi’s expansive military arsenals from its CIA outpost located in Benghazi, Libya, through Turkey and into the hands of Al Qaeda and ISIS rebel forces positioned in Syria to overthrow Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government. One has to wonder what role Eric Prince private mercenary armies played in this plan.


But can anyone anywhere account for the loss of Gaddafi’s gold? He planned to establish a gold standard currency for all of Africa. Even a simpleton knows to do this, gold is needed! Where’s the gold?



We know the US media covered Iraq in such a way that the build-up led to “Shock and Awe.” How was its coverage of Libya?

Today, Syria and Yemen are hardest hit. Yemen is a story unto itself. Both are modern day tragedies which never should have existed.

Teamed with Saudi Arabia and Israel — their respective oil interests — and hellbent on geopolitical control, the US using proxy military forces has sought and continues to seek to overthrow the Assad government mostly due to its long-held alliance with Russia.

The Saudis wanted an oil pipeline to feed through Syria into Europe to compete with Russia’s European oil sales; and Israel wants full title and ownership of Syria’s Golan Heights, which it long ago stole from Syria. The Golan now supplies 60% of Israel’s water needs in addition to the recent discovery of extremely huge oil deposits. A Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch and Jacob Rothschild-led oil company, Genie Oil, presently is illegally drilling that oil. And the beat goes on …!

Median Age In Nations Where Western Leaders Bomb:

In the seven nations where the US currently is bombing the median age of those countries averages 21.9. Overall in Africa, where Gaddafi wanted to improve living standards and establish a new gold standard for currency, the median age range is 15 to 20 years of age.

In the US, largely due to an expensive privatized health care profit-based system and heavy gun violence, the median age is 38.1. It could be better. Comparatively in several European countries, Canada and Japan it is 40 or better. Interestingly in Cuba, where socialism prevails, the median age is 41.5.

Sadly, western political leadership prefers to monitor the GDP, the Petro Dollar, emerging markets and elite stock exchanges instead of keeping a watchful eye over the median age of troubled nations. It could also care less about millions of killed, injured and displaced citizens.


As for archeology and antiquities? Well, the Russians are renown for the ancient game of Chess, and the Chinese for the ancient game of Go. Sadly, the US offers only a greedy, self-centered and egotistical checker player as its president.


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