Warren’s Faux Presence Hurts True Progressives Sanders & Gabbard

— Without Warren, Sanders would lead Biden and anti-war candidate Gabbard would be polling considerably higher

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Many think think a Sanders-Gabbard is the ticket strongly defeats the GOPwingers!

Biden … 32%
Sanders … 21%
Warren … 17%
Harris … 7%
Steyer … 6%
Buttigieg … 4%
Gabbard … 4%
Booker … 2%
O’Rourke … 2%
Yang … 2%

Perhaps it is the candidates above who are most deserving of stage presence at the next Democratic debate! Please note DNC political operatives conducting hanky-panky, similar to what was shown in 2016, with its debate picks crimps credibility and severely hurts chances of Democrats.

Also hurting Democrats are the following DNC shenanigans:

  1. Expanding closed primary states instead of reducing closed primary states — this blocks Independents from voting in the primary and becoming Democrats.
  2. Converting pro-Sanders Caucus states into primary states.
  3. Penalizing political consultants who work for candidates attempting to unseat incumbents in the Democratic primary.
  4. Not taking a public position to encourage NY governor Andrew Cuomo to sign already-passed legislation that would substantially extend the period of time for Independent and new voters to register to become Democrats or Republicans in the primary. At present, New York voters must register one-year in advance of the primary in order to vote Democrat — the strictest rule in the nation. This, thus, begs the question: Is Cuomo, who has endorsed Joe Biden, rigging the NY Dem Primary to Biden’s favor — and to the detriment of Bernie Sanders (favored by Independents) — by not signing legislatively-passed Independent voter registration law?

Below is a Status Coup youtube analysis of Cuomo’s potential New York dirty trick move (please click show embed):

Warren Needs to Withdraw!

Liz Warren, overall, by remaining in the race, is hurting the progressive cause and she’s especially hurting the leading anti-war candidate Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard can’t gain traction as Sanders needs her supporters to stay atop Warren.

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Now a fab fav of the DNC, Warren pledged not to raise PAC money for her primary campaign. What she did not tell us is that she transferred millions in PAC money from her two previous political accounts (see Gloucester Times) for her primary campaign.

Drop out Liz Warren if you’re a true progressive! I suspect you are more a party loyalist than a true progressive. The only echo chamber Bernie Sanders needs is from the people!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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