Warren Needs to Withdraw from The Race!

The key for Democrats defeating Trump, or any Republican, is to bring Independent voters on board.

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This means the DNC should encourage open primaries where Independents can vote. At present they are expanding closed primaries so that Independents can’t vote in the Democratic Primaries. They are also encouraging pro-Sanders caucus states to convert into primary states. This is a huge mistake and proves the DNC does not wish to give up its corporate moniker.

Liz Warren, unless she clearly commits to deliver her delegates to Bernie Sanders in a deadlocked convention, is only muddying the waters for the progressive cause. No matter how hard she tries to repeat the policies of Bernie Sanders she is effectively only repeating his policies. There is no need for an echo chamber unlesss there is a clear commitment to unite at the convention.

The operative question becomes: Having failed in 2016, will she deliver to the progressive cause at the 2020 convention?

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Without a strong pledge to Sanders in a deadlocked DNC Convention will Warren do in 2020 what she did in 2016 and forsake the progressive cause?

Currently, according to Gallup’s monthly tracking, the GOPwingers presently lead Democrats in voter registration 29'% to 27%, although the two parties switch back and forth monthly. Independent voters generally register at 40% and as high as the 46% mark.

So Independent voters are key! Liz Warren has no strong attraction to Independent voters.

The reason why Sanders was so strong against Trump in 2016 polling was because Bernie drew seven of every 10 Independents. This enabled him to consistently lead Trump in all polling throughout 2016.

The Bernie Sanders attraction to Independent voters appears holding true for 2020. Hello to America’s Rust Belt where Clinton lost to Trump!

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In the current SurveyUSA poll, both Sanders and Biden defeat Trump 50% to 42%. Warren and Harris poll closer to Trump within the margin of error. Significantly, however, Sanders leads Trump by 10 percent among Independent voters, whereas Biden only leads Trump by six percent among Independents.

If we truly want a new FDR-JFK kind of government in America, and meaningfully restore America’s middle class, Liz Warren needs to drop out of the race and endorse Bernie Sanders. Were she to do this Bernie would leave both Biden and Trump in the dust and finally set the table for a true and meaningful progressive America.

PS: Putting Warren on the ticket as a VP will not cure the problem for Democrats!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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