Warren Among The Worst!

Progressives Are Not Hypocrites!

At Wednesday’s CNN’s Town Hall, before South Carolina’s Friday primary voting day, Elizabeth Warren said she’ll stay in the race because “a lot of people made five-dollar contributions to my campaign to keep me in it… I’ve done a lot of pinky promises, so I’ve got to stay in it.”

Plainly, her comment is reflective of what’s called self-manufactured bullshit laced from the flowery language of a hardcore legal academic, replete with a near-lifetime and well-documented history of using distortion for advantage to achieve her goals.

The fact is Warren would not stay in the race due to her five-dollar contributors. Rather she’d stay in so she can horse trade with super delegates if Bernie Sanders does not reach a majority of delegates and the convention becomes deadlocked so party insiders can make the choice. The DNC Superdelegates can only vote on the 2nd ballot, if there is no winner from the 1st ballot winner.

The political operative side of Warren shows us she could personally gain from a brokered convention by negotiating to become the VP nominee, she could be promised a key cabinet post in the next administration or perhaps she could position herself as a future Clinton-like party power broker. Let’s be clear. There is nothing progressive to the intentions of Liz Warren!

[Sidebar Note: Bernie Sanders has already promised to select a female VP running mate, but due to the Vermont and Massachusetts proximity, Warren would unlikely be that choice.]

The facts are Bernie won 22 states with four near-ties in his 2016 campaign against Clinton. Very large numbers of people still argue — and Wikileaks helped to prove — that race was rigged for HRC. Neither Sanders or Clinton had a majority of delegates to win outright at the 2016 convention. Clinton used oligarchy money to buy off the superdelegates, and that’s how she became the nominee.

Warren will come into the Milwaukee 2020 Democratic Convention winning no states and possibly even losing her home state of Massachusetts. The best thing that could happen for Liz Warren is that she wins no more delegates other than the eight delegates she won in the controversial and still-disputed Iowa Caucus.

So, now you know how much baloney sits smack dab in the middle of Warren’s heart and brain! She is more a tactician functioning as a party loyalist than she is a great believer in ideals and principles.

Let’s not be fooled. Warren is more a Clinton political party operative than she is a Martin Luther King influence committed to the true progressive ideals for all people. She is no champion of the poor and downtrodden, nor is she much help for the children who must live under international US drone strikes and bombing campaigns.

Unlike Bernie Sanders who has lived and worked so very hard to fulfill his dream of progressive politics, opportunity for all people, for Warren as “the progressive” is a cause she uses only a vehicle, a platform or a means to an end. In effect, her policies, like an echo chamber, have only piggy-backed the domestic policies of Bernie Sanders. On foreign policy, Warren is an outright war-hawk!

Overall, Liz Warren is a faux progressive! Warren is only in the race to deflect progressive voters away from the momentum of Bernie Sanders!

Much like a candidate may pursue a moderate or conservative platform to support their candidacy, Warren is only using the progressive platform as such a vehicle. Fact is, she’s a Clinton Democrat running more for her self-edification than she is running to help you or me.

In simple terms, Warren wants to become a power broker for America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project. Even her primary claim for being a progressiv e, her much media-hyped consumer protection bureau was staffed with Wall Street insiders! Worse, she’s often voted for America’s military-industrial complex fatcat defense budgets, now exceeding 750 billion dollars!

Additional Consideration

On 9/10/19, Jamarl Thomas highlights Warren’s Interview on The Young Turks — why she didn’t endorse Sanders in 2016:

Boston Television 2012 Interview with Warren — Re: Reporter asks for photos of her Native American ancestors, Warren replies, “They’re not for you.”




Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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