Wanna Hear a Joke? Israel is The Only Middle East Democracy!

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What did the US Government do to Native Americans?

US and western media continuously portray Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East. How many votes were taken prior to Israel grabbing all of the land from the Palestinians as seen in the above territorial map?

For the record, Israel is led by Benjamin Netanyahu, who is Israel’s:

  1. Prime Minister

Is US and western media really all that truthful?

One might also inquire why the United States, itself a self-proclaimed democratic nation, has used its overwhelming military might and wasted trillions of dollars in order to overthrow the secular governments of Iraq, Libya and Syria. One would think a strong democracy would encourage and want the existence of secular governments in the long-troubled monarchy-ridden Middle Eastern region of the world.

In order to prop up and sustain what more realistically can be described as an Israeli regime, the United States has earmarked 38 billion dollars in foreign aid. This amount of money is sufficient to provide every Israeli family of four $23,000.

Homeless and troubled veterans in America anyone? Families living doubled and tripled up in substandard housing? Living in cars or campgrounds? Working 40 hours but still unable to pay the rent? Children medically uninsured anyone?

Meanwhile, Israel, in violation of international law, has illegally annexed Syrian-owned land called The Golan Heights. In America, during a climate change disaster the media never forgets to show minorities looting a Walmart or something — could be a television or a case of bottled water! But America’s media never mentions the fact Israel presently steals 60% of its water supply from Syria’s Golan Heights.

And then there’s the matter of all that oil in The Golan Heights. Do you ever stop to wonder that if Syria ceased to exist as a nation that Israel would get to keep The Golan, its water and oil? Is it any wonder that Dick Cheney is involved with the drilling of that oil, along with some bi-partisan Democrats!

Anyway, let’s take a wider view:

And finally, what if the very great Native American Pontiac were born a modern-day Palestinian?


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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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