Some will easily view this drug bust in Norman, Oklahoma as a true success. But let me point-blank tell you it’s yet another example of failure!

Were US and foreign politicians, bankers, jailers and the military not taking advantage and profiting from the drug war the drug war would have ended a long time ago, or never would have been begun at the beginning!


Here’s some kicker questions you might otherwise never consider.

* Who do you think will become the street chemist(s) who will dilute the 4.4 million dollars worth of methedrine? Do you trust them to adulterate drugs that might become used by your children, your brother or your sister?

* How much trust do you place in the medical and scientific backgrounds of these street chemists for them to place a quality cut into the drug not only to dilute its toxicity, but also to expand the quantity (profits) of the drug?

* As the drug breaks down the chain of distribution how confident are you that its sale doesn’t eventually pass into the hands of an older teenager or someone in their young 20’s who potentially could get a juvenile to participate and/or actually distribute and deal the drug? Remember, if the juvenile gets caught the arrest won’t go onto their crime record. Thus, there becomes a push to get younger people to distribute drugs. Is this a wise strategy?

* Are you aware that America can’t keep drugs out of the prisons? How, therefore, do you expect drugs can successfully be kept out of a free society?


Nixon began the drug war hoping to clamp down and arrest peace protesters who smoked pot. He even went to far as to spray paraquat, a dangerous chemical, onto marijuana fields.

The government (google CIA drugs) has traditionally used drug smuggling routes to also parallel weapons smuggling routes. The drug war inherently creates a mob-government connection — what do you think is actually going on in Afghanistan?

Politicians have done this decade after decade while claiming they are fighting crime on your behalf. Meanwhile, investors already have lined up and profited from private prisons, private probation departments, private urine-testing companies and who knows whose gotten what from drug forfeiture laws! Bain Capital and Vista Capital are now prepping investors to invest in the algorithms involved with private policing. Bankers are in on the profiteering also.

Meanwhile, you the citizen-parent remain genuinely concerned and you fall for it as the politician you elect continues to drum up tougher criminal sanctions and penalties, all of which tend to drive more and more people into underground lifestyles.

The drug war is actually one of the reasons why only half the people vote in national elections and one-third in state elections and only 18 percent in municipal elections. Lots of folks living the underground simply do not like the bright lights or the extra attention they get on voting day! This, of course, helps the politicians as it’s easier to control fewer voters, especially with money!

My Final Question:

Do you now think our drug problem should be dealt with from a medical and sociological perspective? Or do you think criminal sanctions where we waste, for a failed effort, up to 100 billion dollars a year and where one of every 107 Americans ends up in jail and where one out of every 55 Americans is on probation is a better way to go?

End The Drug War!

It’s time to change the way we live, folks. Ending the drug war is an excellent place to begin as we could begin to cure at least a dozen of society’s major ills!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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