Vulture Capitalists

If you think about it, the money-mongers — call them what they are, vulture capitalists — have got the system so well-pegged each succeeding generation loses its inheritances received from parents. In a belief they are doing the right thing, inheritance recipients largely, often blindly, invest into America’s stock market.

After some degree of comfort, if lucky, they might see a small or modest return of about five to 15%, but eventually the generational market crash will hit them. This happens after the vultures establish their long positions and then set up boiler room operations to encourage people to buy.

Once the market has topped out the vultures then reverse and take out short positions. Once the short positions are established the order is then delivered to the boiler rooms to reverse and encourage “selling” instead of buying.

The stock market then tanks and people take huge losses on their investments.

Perhaps the best case study would be the tech stock crash, the Dot Com Bubble, covering the period 1995 to 2000, which saw a period of excessive speculation.

How it happened is the market saw three successive weeks of severe early week losses (vultures converting from long to short positions), followed by modest Thursday and Friday gains. Finally, at the closing Friday bell of the third week of volatility, Goldman Sachs announced it had divested all of its tech stock positions. Prior to the opening bell on Monday, Mark Morbius, a European investment guru, made the similar announcement.

Those still in the market, mostly Baby Boomers, were screwed!

Unfortunately, people hold short attention spans. The money manipulators and a compliant media know this very well and the money-grabbing game repeats, led on by oligarch-induced lobbyists who hold sway over donor-sensitive politicians.

There are multiple reasons why national politicians hold a 15–20% approval rating yet a 95% re-election rate. Among them is why we pay more attention to the GDP, the Dow and emerging than we do the Median Age Index of nations.

For example, in nations where America now is bombing, the Median Age in those countries ranged in the low-20s. In America, the Median Age is 38.1. In Africa, it is 15 to 20! In Cuba, a Democratic Socialist nation, hey, whatta ya know … it is 41.5!

Please view closely the video included in the below link — thanks!



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