US Hunger for Regime Change Profiteering

— Multiple Instances of Fake Footage & False Reporting — USDA Grade-A-Inspected Pure Red Meat Propaganda!

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Prelude — William Blum

1) 1st War on Iraq — Babies Removed From Incubators (Hill & Knowlton Public Relations) & Invading Iraqi Troops on Saudi Border

2) 2nd War Overthrowing Iraq’s Secular Government — Bush-Cheney’s Shock & Awe

Part I — No WMD

Part II — Yellowcake

Part III — No Al Qaeda in Iraq

Part IV — No Mobile Chemical Labs

3) Overthrow of Gaddafi Secular Government in Libya

Part I — Lies

Part II — Slave Market Reborn

Part III — Gaddafi’s Missing Gold and Billions of Dollars

4) Overthrow of Ukraine’s Elected Government

Part I — US Propaganda

Part II — Training/Agent Provocateur

Part III — Ukrainian Nazis and Fascists

Part IV — US Behind Ukrainian Coup

5) Attempted Overthrow of Syria’s Secular Government

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Part I — Israel Steals Syria’s Golan Heights

Part II — US Arms & Equips ISIS/Al Qaeda

Part III — Private Mercenaries

Part IV — White Helmets as Agent Provocateurs; Fake Chemical Attacks

Another whistleblower says Syria ‘chemical attack’ may have been staged — rare BBC interview

Propagandized Reports, Using Children, Become Common as Syrian Army Retakes Alleppo

White Helmets Found Dies Recently, His Wikipedia Page Sanitized

6) War Crimes Attempting to Overthrow Yemen

7) Venezuelan US Media Lies

8) Bolivian Post-Election Military Coup

9) Russiagate — Double-Edged Sword Coup in America: Authoritarian & Dictatorial Trump & The GOPwingers vs. Democrats Using Deep State & Media to Depose of Trump

Part I — Media Controls News Rather Than Covers News

Part II — Everything You Need To Know About Russiagate

10) Israel Steals Palestinian Lands

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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