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US Has Used White Phosphorous in Syria & Iraq

While the US media remains mad capped to Trump’s buffoonery the below Whitney Webb reporting describes what happens in Syria, a place US media hardly ever covers with qualitative journalism. In fact, Americans are left in the dark when it comes to media coverage of Syria. Worse, our politicians simply don’t care, essentially leaving the matter in the hands of US intelligence and military.

If a citizen is unaware, how can that citizen possibly complain?

Sadly, both of America’s major political parties support America’s corporate wars in the Middle East and in Africa, as well as bully tactics in lower Asia and South and Latin America.

Indeed, the Bush-Cheney ‘Coalition of The Killing’ remains alive and well!

Shock & Awe Over Baghdad!

Interestingly, the median age (half older/half younger) in the countries where America is now bombing hovers, on average, around the 20 years of age mark. Median age in America is 38.1. Surprisingly, Cuba, a socialist nation free of US influences, has a median age of 41.5.

What is wrong with this picture and why are US political leaders so dumb when it comes to these important matters? For that matter, has US media marveloence helped to kill the US Anti-War Movement?

Anyway, do you stand for peace and justice? If you do, do something to match your beliefs!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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