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Michael Weddle
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[NOTE: The lists within originally were created as a Facebook Note on January 31, 2017. It is often edited— suggestions are welcome]

America once had a strong free press. When Ronald Reagan assumed power there were 50 major media companies. Today, there are only six (with a merger in the mill) and we see a monopolized corporate media structure concerned with branding and controlling news rather than reporting news.

To get the buzz of what’s going on in the world, it’s best to follow the writing and analysis of key independent thinkers and their podcasts on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Analyze what they present, what their colleagues share and what news they highlight on their respective platforms. Except for special events, you’ll no longer need mainstream television or radio slant news. One can get daily news objectively and comparatively, including follow-up, using online sources!

The Problem is Oligarchy

Indeed, America’s main media has become an integral component for preserving oligarch in America.

It has eliminated the once-revered ombudsmen critics and replaced solid investigative journalists with Pentagon-CIA-State Department plants. Hollywood too is affected and influenced by these influences (they often appear in credits at the end of movies). Of course, we all know we’ve seen too many cop shows on television.

Acutely aware the public’s attention span is short-lasting, we daily get presented with outright lies, distortions, omissions and perversions of truth. How often does a headline or the first few paragraphs not match with the deeper content as you read further into an article?

Media manipulators know full well most folks generally read the headlines and, at best, only skim an article. Thus, the first few paragraphs become key for programming. There also has become an over-reliance on anonymous sources, often stacked to support the other. Such sources were once held to understood standards. Today, they’re randomly inserted to cover over or make the slant.

Perhaps the greatest example of media downfall has been the steady stream of media bombshells related to Russiagate. Please note below comedian Lee Camp’s YouTube critique of a star reporter for CNN, the wider media in general:

Why ‘Fake News’ Has Become Elevated

Ever wonder why main media relegated Donald Trump into the role of chief spokesperson about “fake news?” As long as the historically unreliable and pitiful Trump maintains this stature viewers are less likely to believe or even consider meaningful media critics such as Seymour Hersh, Noam Chomsky or Chris Hedges, et. al.

Craig Murray would be perfect to deliver a speech to America’s National Press Club!

Twitter — Facebook — YouTube

Most of the names mentioned below are Progressives, some are Libertarians and a few are Conservatives — many, if not all, are controversial. It’s best to study and try to understand multiple sides of any important issue. Do not let main media simply lead you with a smile on your face to take your place in the herd!

Notable opinion-makers:

I.F. Stone (RIP), Robert Parry (RIP), William Blum (RIP), Serena Shim (RIP), Justin Raimondo (RIP), Julian Assange, Kristinn Hrafnsson, John Pilger, Whitney Webb, Pepe Escobar, Robert Fisk, Richard Wolff, Aaron Maté, Abby Martin, Chris Hedges, Gareth Porter, Seymour Hersh, Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald, Joe Lauria, Craig Murray, Greg Palast, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, Oliver Stone, Caitlin Johnstone, Jimmy Dore, Nafeez Ahmed, James Bamford, Jamarl Thomas, Vanessa Beeley, Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal, Paul Jay, Robert Sheer, Paul Pillar, Eva Golinger, Jeremy Scahill, Rania Khalek, Lee Camp, Mike Whitney, Elizabeth Vos, Matt Taibbi, Anya Parampil, Benjamin Dixon, Ryan Christian, Lee Fang, Patrick Cockburn, Naomi Klein, The Saker, Ralph Nader, Tim Black, Mike Prysner, Michael Moore, Norman Solomon, Eva Bartlett, David Sirota, Mark Ames, Eric Zuesse, Taylor Hudak, Elijah J. Magnier, Garland Nixon, Paul L. Williams, Lucy Koimisar, Stephan Feldman, Adam Carter, The Forensicator, Amy Goodman, Stephen Lendman, Shaun King, Webster Tarpley, Thom Hartmann, Medea Benjamin, Juan Cole, Alexander Mercouris, Gerald Celente, Mike Papantonio, Sarah Stillman, Tyrel Ventura, George Galloway, Ben Swann, Ghassan Kadi, Mark Crispin Miller, Jesse Ventura, Peter Kuznick, Dan Cohen, Patrick Lawrence, Phillip Giraldi, James Fallows and Stephen McIntyre.

There are many others but the above list is a great start!

Independent News Sources

[Each of the below-listed journals and youtube shows will aggressively challenge main corporate media. They include progressive, mixed-source and even esoteric perspectives]

Wikileaks, Consortium News, Redacted Tonight, CodePink, Pushback with Aaron Maté, Moon of Alabama, Jimmy Dore Show, Progressive Soapbox, Black Agenda Report, GrayZone Project, VIPS, Fault Lines, Counterpunch, Garland Nixon, Telesur, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Progressive Party Organizing Fund, Al Jazeera-English, AcTVismMunich, RT, Asia Times Online, WHO Global Report, RT-CrossTalk, RT-On Contact, Moderate Rebels, Eyes-Left Podcast, Our Revolution, Veterans for Peace, Black Socialists of America, Empire Files, Media Roots Radio, Ring of Fire, The Last American Vagabond, Truthout, Anti-War, The Duran, Watching The Hawks, Disobedient Media, @TheWarNerd, We Are Change, Media Lens, UK Column News, New Eastern Outlook, The Real News Network, Primo Nutmeg, Anonymous, Humanist Report, Going Underground on RT, The Rational National, Russia Insider, Public Enquiry, Venezuela Analysis, Peter B. Collins Show, Stephen Lendman, Dissident Voice, Secular Talk, Data For Black Lives, Now This, The Zero Hour, Lionel Nation (Lionel has an unusual “Conspiratorium” — lol), Brave New Films, Southfront, The Outer Light, Anti-Media, Countercurrents, Off-Guardian, The Nation, Global Research, Joe Rogan, Justice Democrats, The Canary, Jason Bermas, We Are Change, MrMBB333 (for strange phenomenon), Tidbits from George Webb (who keeps a wide plow down and relentlessly digs), Real Clear Politics and for an historical glimpse check out America-Friendly Dictator Trading Cards.

NOTE: I’m sure there are many I’ve missed — if you have recommendations, please offer them — thanks!

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