Unity Among Democrats With a Warren v. Sanders Two-Pony Race?

Best to review the below link before reading. You will be left with the question: If Trump is so terrible how come Republicans lead Democrats in voter registrations as tracked monthly by Gallup:

Methinks the DNC war room (still controlled by Clinton political operatives) has given up on Joe Biden. Like his previous presidential runs, Biden has proven inept similar to how GOPwinger Jeb Bush performed in 2016. Campaigning in the 1st in the nation primary state of New Hampshire and calling it Vermont was likely the last straw for Biden.

The OPU won’t let him drive the squad car anymore!

From the DNC war room’s perspective, a presumptive Biden-Warren-Sanders brokered convention (to enable a sure super delegate 2nd ballot pick) won’t happen due to Biden rapidly fading.

Is the DNC war room thus viewing Biden’s free fall as a gift horse, thinking this can resolve the serious schism of progressives within the party? You bet! Their new thinking must certainly be: “We now have an easier path to oust Sanders: Progressives certainly won’t complain if they get Warren!”

LOL — ya, right!

Demand The DNC Back-Off Promoting Warren Over Sanders!

In full want of a political overhaul and holding feelings of being screwed in 2016, strong progressives won’t accept a centrist Democrat. They, and the crucially-important Independent voters, don’t wanna support a DNC-pushed and newly media-induced Liz Warren!

Warren, who believed in Republican economic markets until age 47, is perceived by too many as a product of the privileged educated elite who, astonishingly, pulled off a minority impersonation for her professional career enhancement. She did this before the Texas Bar Association and Harvard University.

Plain and clear, her YouYube beer-drinking video won’t suffice. Her roots of commonality with Rust Belt working folk is strange and oddball at best. Couple this to her strongest supportive demographic in polling coming from college-educated, well-to-do liberal voters.

I wrote about Clinton in April of 2016 (see below link) that she won’t win the general election with only her primary voters voting for her. The same is true for Warren.

Like in 2016, Bernie’s strength is definitely his very strong appeal to Independent voters. If Independents vote for Democrats the turnout will be strong and the Dems will win not only the presidency but also Congress and the down ballot races as well. Bernie Sanders has extraordinary political coat-tails! This is precisely why the DNC must say “uncle” to Bernie!

Many perceive Warren as first a party loyalist and then a progressive. Forget not she made private deals with Hillary. So not only is she a weak progressive, she’s also sporting an echo chamber of long-articulated Bernie Sanders positions.

If she truly thought, and believed, like Sanders she should have decisively backed him in 2016. A Warren endorsement would have provided the thrust Bernie needed to have won Iowa, Nevada and Massachusetts, states where he tied Clinton. Hillary would have lost the Democratic nomination to Bernie. With very strong Independent voter support, Bernie would have resoundingly defeated Trump!

A Two-Pony Show

The stage is now set for a Sanders v. Warren long haul primary. It’s doubtful any of the candidates from the crowded lower-tier fray will rise to achieve standing sufficient to match the strength of Sanders or Warren. So it’ll most likely become a two-pony show leading into the convention.

[Note to the DNC: Please, oh please — even on a 2nd convention ballot — do not bring back a newly media-rebranded “I Wuz Robbed” and “2nd Clinton Comeback Kid” — Hillary Clinton!]

From now on we’ll likely see insider media, talking head pundits and others portray the Sanders v. Warren face-off as the “Battle of Two Progressive Titans.” This will be great for media ratings but bad for Democratic primary voters! The DNC operatives will milk the race like before, this time with Liz potentially becoming the first female president in America.

Frankly, the best and most solid path for a woman to become president of the United States is for her to become the running mate of Bernie Sanders in 2020. Think about it!

There is a rapidly developing but mistaken belief the Democratic Party will become pleased at the supposedly surging Warren coupled to the fading Biden. With the supposedly Progressive Liz at the top of the ticket, won’t the party finally become happy and united?

Wrong! Wrong? Why?

For true progressives, Liz Warren is a Trojan horse!

Inside baseball informs us of a recent survey among high-powered democratic consultants, movers and shakers. Sixty-one percent of them think Liz Warren will be the nominee. These oligarch-friendly insiders, in a March survey, showed Kamala Harris carrying the ball. Back then, Warren was thought of as “too progressive” and she ranked poorly as Harris was getting all the media hype. These consultants are in league with the DNC and their influence goes directly into the bloodstream of mainstream media.

The survey of these well-connected insiders (Democratic Party’s side of America’s Oligarch Protection Unit) had Bernie Sanders not even registering in their opinion. This is an extremely strong hint the DNC has no plans or intent to have Bernie Sanders become its party nominee. The DNC will screw Sanders a second time and, yes, it will be televised. It will again become ugly!

The below Youtube clip shows political analyst Michael Tracey offering productive insight:

What’s ironic is the GOPwingers, if they haven’t begun already, will plan a counter political strategy that will target the fact that the DNC will screwed Bernie again.

I surmise this is why Trump, although coming close, has refrained from pulling the full scale war trigger. Trump abounds with foreign policy threats and he keeps agitation tactics active in Syria, Iran, Libya, Ukraine, North Korea and Venezuela; he supports Israelis killing Palestinians; and he has no trouble with the Saudis killing off large numbers of people in Yemen. This not only provides intense profit to America’s military-industrial complex, it also serves to toss red meat to Trump’s hardcore political base.

Another reason for the DNC to say “uncle” to Bernie is if Trump wins again we should all expect full-blown war! Traditional Democrats, including Warren, have forgotten how to wage peace! But not Bernie Sanders!

In the general election, Trump will boast he kept America out of war. He’ll do this in a way that’ll help keep the Democratic Party divided and help to inhibit Independents from voting Democrat. This tactic could work well against an untested Warren. But it won’t work against Sanders. Bernie Sanders is battlefield-tested.

He knows and understands Trump’s fraud as well as anyone. Bernie is also Trump’s complete antidote. Sanders is clean, focused, consistent and street smart; whereas Trump is dirty, often incoherent and mob smart replete with contradictions, misrepresentations and bankrupt ideas.

Much like with the Massachusetts governor Mike Dukakis who lost the 1988 election, the cruel and vicious GOPwingers will relentlessly paste swift-boat tactics against Warren. But Trump & The GOPwingers can not swift boat Sanders. Bernie’s been around the block. He won’t fall for the traps!

Bernie is shielded in the reality: If you’re right, no wrong will harm you! This is precisely why he’s running again.

So support the man who built today’s new political movement, the man who once marched with Martin Luther King and who saw the wisdom to what Jesse Jackson was advocated in 1984 and 1988. Had Jackson’s advocacy been adopted back then, had what George McGovern stood for remained a precept among Democrats, America would be nowhere close to the mess it is in today!

For your children, for their future, vote for Bernie. Even if Bernie does not complete his term or if he does not run for a second, he will have appointed a strong government filled with excellent and people sensitive appointments and this will be true of the judiciary and diplomatic corps as well. Bernie will set the table for better tomorrow for not only Americans but for the whole world as well.




Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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