United Police States of America!

— Originally written as a Facebook Note and on Steemit.com in January right after Trump was sworn into office

Michael Weddle
3 min readJul 17, 2020


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Homeland Security has 45,000 soldiers. The military, unlike other cabinets of government, is exempt from Trump’s hiring freeze. Word is out that Trump intends to hire 15,000 more soldiers to complement the Homeland Security force. This makes a domestic army of 60,000 which likely will presume power over state National Guard units and municipal police departments. Homeland Security has a mandate to operate 100 miles inside of any of America’s borders. This means it will have control over 60 percent of American citizens. Of this 60 percent most will reside in urban metropolitan areas.

Makes ya feel a bit uneasy, doesn’t it? But here’s the kicker. It gets worse!

It’s not a stretch to assume the 15,000 newly hired Homeland Security soldiers will be handpicked by military mercenary businessman Eric Prince (brother of Trump’s education pick Betsy DeVos).

Prince founded Blackwater Security, a mercenary security force that went belly-up after scandals and lawsuits while privately and lucratively no-bid contracted in Iraq. Recently, among other things, Prince soldiers and consultants defend oil industry interests in Nigeria; they guard leaders of governments; and they’ve been at Libya’s border for African refugee prevention, blocking southerners from moving north wanting to escape proxy wars where the US has a role. [12/14/17 edit update: It’s been reported that Prince’s private mercenaries are now guard the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and his concerns.

Indeed, Eric Prince has got the Donald Trump ear!

Although Prince’s new mercenary organization is headquartered in Singapore, his company — Frontier Services Group, Ltd. — owns several subsidies and has specialized in corporate name change. How many Prince mercenary operatives are in America? It’s my understanding it a Prince subsidiary provided harsh and intense security at Standing Rock, where several folks got shot, beaten, injured and even bitten by dogs.

Well, folks, it’s been nice knowin’ ya all on Facebook. As those who had guns feared government would take their guns away, it is now possible the government might take our computers away, once they’ve hacked into them — lol!

Anyway, welcome to the United Police States of America (UPSA) — keep a close reach to masks, helmets, padding, snorkels, goggles and canned foods.

Additional insight on Eric Prince:

Federal Police in Portland, Oregon on July 17, 2020:



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