Understanding Russiagate by Understanding Russiagate

— Weighty 27-page Michael Sussmann indictment shows more than simply lying to the FBI … what more is in the mill?

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2/12/22 — TechnoFog Substack:

2/11/22 — New Durham Court Filing:

2/11/22 — Leopold & Cormier of Buzzfeed, Re: Mueller Report Update

10/19/21 — Aaron Maté in Real Clear Investigations:

10/2/21: What the Yahoo! Assange Report Got Wrong by Joe Lauria, Consortium News

9/26/21: Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA’s secret war plans against WikiLeaks — Yahoo News (Isikoff, et. al.)

Michael Isikoff interviewed by Aaron Maté

9/22/21 UPDATES:

  • Yahoo News Reporting on Sussmann Case Judge
  • YouTube — Jimmy Dore with Aaron Maté
  • You Tube — Garland Nixon and John Kiriakou

9/21/21 UPDATE: See Kit Klarenberg RT Op-Ed

9/20/21 UPDATES:

  • See Reporting/Analysis from Aaron Maté
  • See Analysis from Techno Fog

9/19/21 UPDATE: See Glenn Greenwald Analysis

10/7/21 — Preliminary Reports by Paul Sperry, Real Clear Investigations:

My Original Article

Never mind Donald Trump’s penchant to provide attention-getting play by play analysis to bloody wrestlers, boxers or UFC fighters, back in the day Trump not only chickened his way out of military service, he likely didn’t go to Woodstock ‘cause he couldn’t get box seats! I’ve disdained Trump ever since he ripped off Andy Warhol on the Trump Tower artwork.

Politically, Trump is a billionaire oligarch who primarily plays with other oligarchs. He’s attentive only among those who pander, those able to make deals on his behalf: evangelical preachers, those on the violent side of sports promotion and nearly all of America’s second amendment adherents. He has coopted the Koch Brothers side of Libertarianism. Were it not for the fact largely rural evangelist Americans number around 100 million people, Trump would have no political base.

Were it not for the fact Americans didn’t want two Bushes and two Clintons in four of the past five presidencies, Trump never would have become president. Think. If HRC were elected in 2016 and then re-elected in 2020. It would have meant a Bush or a Clinton at the top of 10 of the last 11 presidential administrative terms dating back to Reagan-Bush (remember HRC was secretary of state during one of Barak Obama’s two terms).

Americans didn’t want a monarchy-like system, so Trump won. The Clinton political machine originally thought were Trump to become the GOP nominee he’d be easy to defeat. But Hillary was full of fleas on many fronts and thus the odds changed much to the chagrin of her highly-paid political operatives. It was from this backdrop Russiagate was concocted, in classic Karl Rovian form: “Hey — if they can play dirty, we can also!” But it all backfired and Trump won a term.

By the way, Trump legitimately lost in 2020 — but that’s a whole ‘nother story!

For the record, it is possible to hate Trump and to hate Russiagate at the same time. This is my position. My politics are way left. Like Julian Assange, I do not believe in violence. I also think Russia is more concerned with defending its borders than it is with taking an aggressive posture in the world. I firmly believe Russia, and most other nations on our planet, would have preferred a Bernie Sanders-like presidency rather than the warmongering of a Trump, Clinton or a Bush.

Remember, the objective is not to kill the world, but rather work to make it a better place! Live Together or Die!!! Regarding insight on Russia? I strongly recommend that folks read the writing and analysis of the late Stephen F. Cohen (R.I.P.).

A New Page Has Turned on Russiagate

The Michael Sussmann Indictment by Special Counsel John Durham:

Background on Sussmann Role:

Hillary Clinton October 31, 2016 Tweet (with Jake Sullivan Statement):

0/21/21 Update — Kit Klarenberg RT Op-Ed re: Jack Sullivan

Alfa Bank’s Technical Expert Report (Note: Analysis proves outside parties could have created the conditions that gave rise to the allegation):

Glenn Greenwald Reporting, Analysis and Tweets:

9/19/21 Update:

National Review Contributing Editor Andrew McCarthy’s Analysis of the Indictment:

Jonathan Turley indictment analysis as reported in The Hill:

TechnoFog’s Analysis:

9/20/21 Update

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Pushing False Alfa Bank-Trump Story:

Aaron Maté Reporting, Analysis and Tweets:

9/20/21 Update

Stephen McIntyre’s Findings:

Part A

Part B

Fool Nelson’s Findings:

Hans Mahncke’s Findings:

𝕔hi𝓁𝓁iຖ໐iˢ @chiIIum Findings — re: Judge in Sussmann Case

9/22/21 Update — Yahoo News — Judge Handling Sussmann Indictment:

Twitter researcher Walkafrye with some amazing pre-Sussmann indictment research:

Additional Reading Relative to Russiagate

Former High-Ranking CIA analyst Ray McGovern:

Analysis of DNC Data Published by Wikileaks:

Notice DNC Emails were acquired on a date after Crowdstrike installed its hack preventative Falcon software

Aaron Maté Interview with Russian Expert Stephen F. Cohen:

An extensive article I wrote in October 2019 replete with multiple Russiagate references:

Caitlyn Johnstone debunks all things Russiagate:

Is Crowdstrike a Shy Tech Firm or Providing Cover for The DNC? Originally published July 9, 2017:

Real Clear Investigations reporting by Paul Sperry:

2017 Cybersecurity Analysis by Yasha Levine:

Social Media Interviews and Analysis

9/23/21 — John Kiriakou & Garland Nixon talk about the Michael Sussman indictment

9/22/21 — Jimmy Dore Show (with Aaron Maté) — Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Indicted For RussiaGate Lying



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