Two-Part Blame: Part-One — Trump Sexual Indiscretions; Part-Two — Media Trumpet Call for Trump Candidacy

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A New Age Caligula or Damien From The Omen — Take Your Pick!

The press often is referred as the “fourth estate.” Historically, this follows the European historical designation of three estates of the realm: clergy, nobility, and commoners. In modern parlance, the fourth estate would follow the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

The media, the last true defense of the people, is meant not only to report on the accomplishments of government but also to check and uncover its abuses. It, therefore, must maintain not only the freedom but the crucial imperative to publish what it discovers.

With this understood, I quote something I wrote yesterday on Facebook and Twitter: “One would think Wikileaks references, a proven and vital source for news, would show more often in Google searches.”

Given the Clinton Administration deregulated the FCC thus enabling five corporations to today control 90% of all media in America, given the media has severely slashed its investigative journalism budgets and given the media has dismissed all of its ombudsman (people’s watchdog eye) editors, it is therefore not surprising the media today often fails to report what it should be reporting. This especially becomes problematic when reasons are devious.

Sometimes main media will purposefully take its eye off the ball. This is precisely what happened with respect to the allegations of 21 women who’ve accused Trump of sexual improprieties. Main media should have, and could have, seriously investigated and reported about several of these allegations before, during and certainly after Trump announced for the presidency.

At best, it failed!

Rather than fully investigate and deeply vet Trump’s already known controversial background, Trump instead received five billion dollars of free media coverage (see The Street, 11/20/16), giving him more publicity than any other candidate. This remarkably helped him break to the top of the 18-strong Republican field of candidates. Hillary Clinton received the second most media coverage while the true “outsider” in the race, Bernie Sanders, got blacked out by the media during the early primaries.

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The below chart shows it was obvious the media wanted a Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump presidential match-up. Perhaps the key and most unusual question is: Why did Ben Carson get so much attention? This answer can best be gleaned by reviewing the Wikileaks document exposure relative to “pied piper” (mentioned below in Part Two).

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So today there exist numerous eye-witness public statements from Donald Trump-victimized women. Not only is this telling and riveting, it is shocking. More than anything, it’s disgusting.

Normally, with my involvement with politics, I refrain from commenting on sexual accusations especially where it becomes a matter of someone’s word against another. How do I really know what happened as, more than not, such accusations are well beyond my ken of understanding.

But here are some of the disturbing facts:

  • The statements of these women are too numerous to ignore.
  • It is both American and foreign women making claims.
  • There is similarity of conduct to each of the accusations, a modus operandi if you will.
  • Often, obvious from the statements, many of these women were in a near-subservient position whereby Trump exerted influence, decision-making power over them. Thus, they were easy prey for victimization.
  • Trump has traveled “The Lolita Express,” a private jet flown to an island owned by Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile. Note: This was seldom mentioned in the media because former President Bill Clinton, among other notables, also frequently traveled the “Lolita Express.”
  • At some point one has to acknowledge independent collaborating statements become indicative to an established pattern of behavior.
  • What these women say Trump did to them should never have happened! My own standard of morality is my guiding light: I HAVE NEVER EVER AND WOULD NEVER EVER BEHAVE LIKE THIS! Would you?
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In June of 2015, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency to lots of media fanfare. He declared himself an “outsider” in the race, eventually promising (lying) to drain the so-called political and corporate swamp.

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Wikileaks published leaked DNC documents and John Podesta emails proving the Clinton campaign knew Trump was going to run for president. The documents also proved how the DNC and key members of the media, in essence, had become extensions of Clinton’s campaign. Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook’s assistant wrote an email to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, and to the DNC, stating: “We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [treat?] them seriously.” The document was titled: “Muddying The Waters.”

Forget about “Russian meddling!” “Muddying the waters” prove Democratic political operatives were meddling with the Republican side of the primaries. Wikileaks ascertained that Clinton, due to her email controversy making her candidacy risky, wanted Trump as her opponent because they reasoned she’d easily defeat him. Polls showed she’d have trouble defeating the more serious established GOP contenders. Now you know why Ben Carson got so much early campaign publicity — he, too, was a pied piper!

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Then there were the two media “off the record” dinners, one hosted by Podesta at his Washington DC home and another by Clinton chief campaign strategist Joel Berenson at his New York home. There were so many media power-hitter heavyweights at these dinners a whole new government could have been formed. Attendee Glenn Thrush of Politico wrote privately to Podesta that he was a “hack” for the campaign and asked Podesta not to “tell anyone.” When this got disclosed, Thrush could no longer serve Politico, so he got promoted to the NYT. Podesta went on to a cush position at the Washington Post when the campaign ended.

IVN, an open news platform for independent-minded authors and readers, asked in a headline on March 31, 2016, “How Well is the Media Vetting Donald Trump?” The clear cut answer is the media was boosting Trump. He was never properly vetted! A good example of this was when Trump used a fake veterans organization to support his speech aboard the USS Iowa, just ahead of the important candidate-eliminating Iowa Caucus:

Trump had a long history of using mob influences in both his real estate and his casino business. He was deeply connected with business ties to Russian oligarchs Putin had kicked out of Russia. Trump also had a long history of screwing people in business and not paying his contractors. Trump had even misused money from his private charitable foundation. And Trump, to this day, has never released his IRS tax forms unlike any recent president before him

How deep were the investigations into his multiple bankrupt companies? It had been disclosed on several occasions that Trump would play the role of an imposter publicist — using the names John Miller or John Barron — to defend or boost his own image.

Miami gossip columns were full of Trump disclosures and low-down hanky-panky deals. Rumors and tales of Trump’s sexual indiscretions were rampant, understood and well-known. But hardly any of the above was thoroughly reported before, when and shortly after Trump announced his candidacy. Where was the editorial commentary condemning his past? Were they absent for a reason? Instead, Trump, due to his overwhelming media coverage, was able to distinguish himself from the other Republican candidates and “break out of the pack.”

Meanwhile, the media continued reporting — anointing, really — Clinton as the nominee. The media, unlike it had done in past presidential primaries, constantly kept reporting Clinton’s super delegate totals as a given, showing her insurmountable lead over Sanders. When the exit polls didn’t fit the results of the primaries, the exit polls were discontinued. Voting irregularities were frequent in nearly every primary and caucus state. In Utah, where it appeared Sanders would win the caucus, the caucus was changed to a primary. So forth and so on. Even debate questions got passed to Clinton prior to the debate. The “fix” was on and the pesky Sanders would be defeated.

It was only after Clinton was assured of the nomination that the media began seriously hitting Trump hard, inducing a strong fear campaign against him. Still, he was only attacked mostly only on imagery, not on issues. By this time, it was too late. The media had let him slide too much. In effect, he had became the ‘teflon Don’ candidate. The new hard-hitting accusations against him just didn’t hold as Trump was now publicly perceived by the electorate — especially working people — as the “outsider” while Clinton was viewed as the penultimate “insider,” with Bernie screwed.

It’s long been my suspicion the Clinton Campaign possessed the famous “pussy-grabbing” video early in the campaign and planned on releasing it as an “October surprise” near election day, this to help assure the Clinton victory. I’d love to discover the etymology of this disclosure, especially since it was released by the Clinton-friendly Washington Post. Anyone know?

You know the rest of the story. What perhaps you do not yet understand is RussiaGate has been meant to cover over the gross mistakes and calculations of both the Clinton Campaign and the media which predominantly led to the election of Donald Trump as the US president. It is also meant to help keep Clinton viable so she can come back — do you remember who “The Comeback Kid” is? (think of this perhaps-soon-to-become media-manufactured imagery!) — and run an “I Wuz Robbed” campaign against Trump.

Look for the Clinton operatives to flood the Democratic primaries with faux-progressive candidates in order to attempt to dilute electoral support for Bernie Sanders. Also look for harsh rule changes within the party. Remember the media is owned by America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP) which knew it would continue doing well under either Trump or Clinton as president, though it preferred Clinton.

To understand why the AOEP preferred Clinton it’s important to understand the lyrics in John Lennon’s song Working Class Hero:

“There’s room at the top they’re telling you still … but first you must learn how to smile as you kill — if you want to be like the folks on the hill!”

Scoundrel Song by Michael Weddle; performed by Climate Change Band:

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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