Trump’s War Cards — How Will He Play Them?

If the DNC screws Sanders again, Trump could become a peace freak!

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Trump, if necessary, will use war as a means of branding his own re-election!

Trump’s Plan A

Trump’s Plan A Strategy chimes nicely with his increasing counterattack against Democrats for illegally investigating Russiagate and for the same investigators going super-light on Clinton. Indeed, there’s lots of guilt to go around and much of this will wash out or cancel out Trump’s own guilt.

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Trump’s Plan B

If Trump’s political operatives sense a united Democratic Party then Plan B kicks in. Trump will then likely swiftly convert one of several tableset options — Syria, Iraq, Iran and Venezuela — into a full tilt war! Yes, like Bush-Cheney before him, Trump — now with the same neocon military advisors — will enter the November election as a full scale war president.

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Food for Thought:

Real News Interview with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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