Trump’s Hidden Ball Trick!

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When Reality Is Not As It Seems!

Sick of Being Faked Out?

These days, no matter how you view the reality, fake wins! Trump was a “fake” candidate from the beginning and it was a “fake” media that built him into prominence enabling a man with no governing experience to break from a crowded pack of well-established 2016 GOP candidates to eventually become the president.

You may also remember both Ben Carson and Ted Cruz received prominent media build-up during the early primaries and did better than expected, Cruz staying with Trump throughout the primaries until nearly the end. These designated three were the “pied piper” candidates, as exposed from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta emails. (see released Wikileaks documents).

The Above Meme Is Part of HRC’s Pied Piper Strategy — This Meme Released Prior to Wikileaks’ Pied Piper Exposure

So Trump’s claim of “fake media” indeed holds some merit. However, this accusation is better and more coherently expressed by the true victimized progressive side of politics, not from Trump’s manufactured side of politics whose very foundation evolved out of fake circumstances. Additionally, Trump has a terrible track record for lying, this has been proven in multiple instances.

So now comes an altered Alex Jones video of yesterday’s White House press conference whereby CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta had his press pass removed. The Jones video, as concluded by video experts, is fake according to technical analysis. So a fake Trump uses fake video while accusing a fake media of being fake.

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Alex Jones at His Best!

I’m so sick of this saspisash! Please, in the future, no matter the election, vote as far to the left as you possibly can. The below chart shows where we are today:

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Consequence of Lesser of Two Evils Voting

Honesty is needed both in governance and how our media reports reality!

PS: As to fake matters, notice little to no mention of the Latino caravan of asylum seekers since the 2018 Mid-Term election has concluded.

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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