TrumpHawks Using ISIS to Steal Syrian Land & Block Highways

[NOTE: All of the below is opinion based on trends and actions.]

A clearly rattled Donald Trump, with intense war hawks constantly piercing his brain, is under lots of political pressure what with aftermath effects from The Mueller Report, intense pressure from the US House seeking access to his IRS tax returns, a continuing threat of potential indictments from legal snafus creeping their way throughout the New York court system and his “fixer” attorney Michael Cohen having already turned on him.

It also seems Trump loses a cabinet member or some top administrative honcho on a monthly basis. His administration must be experiencing varying fits of chaos with no clear cut policy filtering down from the top. The Trump Administration is no well-oiled machine. Trump is not out of the woods from his legal and administrative problems.

Compounding his problems, he faces challenges for military action that are testy on multiple international fronts. The prospect of America going to war greets him daily.

We should fear the only peace of mind Trump might be getting comes not from his golf courses but rather from persistent drumbeats of war echoed into his brain by the well-established warmongers who surround him. This takes his mind off of Democrats and the media. Agitating Trump’s own delusions of grandeur and rolling deep within his mindset, must be the thought that beefing up a US military action could become a convenient means with which to pop the worrisome bubble embracing him daily.

Can Trump Handle a War in His Own Brain?

Throughout his presidency, the only time Trump has drawn rave reviews has been when he twice lobbed Tomahawks missiles into Syria, dropped the Mother Of All Bombs on Afghanistan and when he’s threatened military action against North Korea, Iran, Ukraine and Venezuela. He’s gotten no resistance at all from the wrongful economic sanctions he’s imposed, and both Democrats and the media appear like rock band groupies when it comes to Israel. All things considered, foreign policy might be the best card in the hand he’s holding.

So how can Trump not be thinking:

Maybe war’s the way to go — the Democrats and media seem to like it even more than I do! Would being a war president get ‘em off my back, get them to support me instead of always attacking me and maybe, just maybe, a war could help with my re-election. Bush-Cheney got away with it and history shows no American war president has ever not been re-elected.

Venezuela’s close, so tempting. But it’s likely too many American boots on the ground would be required given the proxy armies of Brazil and Colombia aren’t battle-tested, perhaps not even reliable. Moreover, the US-friendly drug-related gangs operating in the region are not well-trained, maybe not even suited for war. And then there’s the image of a determined people fighting in jungles, a memory still haunting from Vietnam. Despite rewards of mucho oil and gold, Venezuela is too risky.

Ukraine? No, Ukraine is way too complicated and Europe would not be receptive to any such action. Ukraine’s out.

But Syria? In Syria, the table’s already set. The available proxy armies are numerous, already in place, battle-tested, well-supplied and proven. Plus, it’d be much easier to get NATO down with a full-throttled Middle Eastern conflict. To build it, all we gotta do is say ‘Israel’ — they will come! To keep Saudi Arabia onboard, all we’ve got to do is say ‘Iran!’ An expanded war zone in Syria would mean we could fly two balloons on one string.

Yes, Syria!

What’s Going On in Syria

Sickened by war, Syria only wants to begin rebuilding its nation. It didn’t need, want or deserve anything it got from the aftermath of the Bush-Cheney invasion of Iraq, all of which was predicted in 2003 by both the French and Syrian ambassadors during the war debates at the United Nations. With the assistance they’ve received from Russia, Iran and Iraq, Syria has effectively defeated ISIS. It only has to take out a large Al Qaeda pocket in Idlib and it will be ready for peace.

But the US just won’t let go. The US — worse than ISIS or Al Qaeda — remains as the primary occupying force in Syria. Yes, Turkey has a chunk of territory in northwestern Syria but it has already declared a willingness to negotiate a settlement. The US has no such plans.

Like Israel keeping its hold on Syria’s Golan Heights, the US will secure its lock on the oil-rich lands it now controls in Syria. It has no intention of giving any of it back. In fact, reading the tea leaves, it appears the US now plans to expand its control of Syrian territory.

It seems evident the US plans to take control of all Syrian land bordering Iraq, blocking all highways leading to Baghdad. It’ll likely proclaim the newly-seized territory as part of a new nation state. Kurdistan which will become the buffer that separates Lebanon and Syria from Iraq and Iran.

A consequence to all of this will be Turkey’s departure from NATO. The hugely strategic Irclik military base the US now has in Turkey, which houses nukes, likely will become relocated in the new Kurd nation. The US will have converted from a Syrian regime-change strategy into one of nation-building, using war if necessary.

The Wall Street Journal reported on April 23rd that the US reached out to European allies for support in Syria. The paper reported: Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan and Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were both involved in the efforts to mass support for the new U.S. plan.

The “new US plan?” How can the WSJ report this and not fully articulate any detail or specifics related to the “new US plan?” Do not let the headline of the WSJ article fool you!

Syria is 100% correct to make the below request:

The New Plan?

Consider at-Tanf, located on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Here, the US military has illegally established a large military base effectively blocking the Damascus to Baghdad Highway. The US, via its proxy army, the SDF-Kurds, also controls all Syrian territory east of the Euphrates River where over 60% of Syria’s oil is located.

The at-Tanf location also has a very large Syrian refugee camp holding tens of thousands of Syrian people. The camp is run by Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels but effectively is under US control. The FSA also recruits younger Syrians out of the camp and conscripts them into military service. All of the refugees want to go home and Syria has welcomed their return, but the US has refused to let them go.

The Rukban Refugee Camp, for all intents and purposes, is now a concentration camp. It is held in order to achieve the US political objective of maintaining a toe-hold justification for US presence in Syria. Incredulously, even the United Nations has been blocked from providing humanitarian assistance to Rukban’s inhabitants, many of whom are suffering difficult and inhumane conditions.

The US also uses its at-Tanf military facility as a training and staging ground for anti-Syrian rebels. The FSA and ISIS freely operate from this area and it has been used for multiple terrorist attacks against the Syrian Arab Army, reaching inward as far as Palmyra, at locations along the strategic Homs-Deir Ezzor Highway and northward along the Syrian-Iraqi border. Al Qaeda previously used at-Tanf for supply-line operations to the south towards Israel before it got driven entirely out of the south by the SAA.

It seems the new US plan might well be to connect its at-Tanf holding northward to Deir Ezzor’s Albukamal, capturing a large swath of Syrian land along the Iraq border, in effect creating a hook connecting to the lands now held by the SDF-Kurds east of the Euphrates. This action will completely block Lebanese and Syrian highway access to Iraq and Iran.

It appears Trump will get great his great distraction from his domestic foibles, an escalated war with Syria potentially reaching into Iran. Indeed, the Israelis and Saudis will be dance on rooftops!

Of course, Russia, China, Turkey and Iran — each of whom are living in the dream of The Belt Road Initiative, for which a Cross Shia Crescent will be required — might pose some a mighty obstacle to such a US objective. Come what may.

Finally, I know it’s difficult for many Americans to understand this but despite charades to the contrary, it seems not only possible but likely that the US has been and is in bed with both ISIS and Al Qaeda.

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