Trump v. Biden October 22nd Debate

— Sports analogies tell the story.

First of all, it was encouraging to see Melena Trump get on stage wearing a mask after the debate. But how long did it take her to become maskworthy? Eight months? She finally did good!

Trump looked like a sloppy boxer attempting to deliver wild blows, this while Biden stood firm and hit back with common sense and facts. At the final bell, Trump looked like he couldn’t wait to get out of the ring so he could go and abuse some small guy standing on a street corner or in a pool hall.

A football description would show Trump carrying the ball, struggling to get over the line of scrimmage. Biden seemed like a tight end aptly catching throws for multiple first downs. Biden scored on statesmanship while Trump had a hard time punting and couldn’t even kick a field goal.

In basketball? Trump could barely dribble the ball. His passes kept going out of bounds and he nearly fouled out of the game. His wild shots rarely scored. Biden worked the boards, kept grabbing rebounds followed by sharp passes to a teammate who’d often score.

Were hockey used to describe this debate? Trump missed his checks, kept losing the puck off his stick and was constantly skating offsides. He did, however, manage to stay out of the penalty box which is where he spent most of his time during the first debate. Surprisingly, Biden’s maneuvering showed some signs of The Great Gretsky.

Baseball? Trump kept dropping the ball like he had a hole in his mitt. While at the plate, he swung erratically at bad pitches and had no sense of the strike zone. It was impossible for him to muster the piece of mind required to draw a walk. Although born on third base, in this game he ever got to first base! Biden, meanwhile, kept banging doubles off the wall, played some bad hops in the field and made some pretty good scoops as first basemen.

Wrestling? That’s about all Trump could do. But he could only wrestle with a grimace and never managed to get a hold on Biden who stood tall and blocked Trump like the chump he is. Trump left the debate wrestling with his own thoughts, again wondering why he was the only person in the hall not wearing a mask.

So who was the best athlete at the final debate? Joe Biden! Give him the ball!

He reminded the fans that they actually count and their views should be considered. Trump seemed more concerned about his own stats and those who might want his autograph which he’s always willing to sell for top dollar.

All in all, except for Trump, it was a good debate. A tip of the hat to the moderator who did very well.



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Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!