Trump Sees Himself as Shepherd

— Will he start a new political party?

[Author’s Note: I like to think and write about what others might not consider.]

First of all, Mitch McConnell’s recent statement acknowledging Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the new presidential administration:

Secondly, I’m hopeful this will head off potential future Trump shenanigans over the 2020 election. But, somehow, I doubt it will. I think this mostly because Trump doesn’t think much of Republican politics. When it comes right down to it, Trump could care less about Republicans or Democrats. He realizes he gains stature when he makes both of them his targets.

Trump is only in tune with Trump politics, with him at the top shepherding a devout following. Only he gets to decide what he wants and what he can do, there are no standards.

So I think it’s possible Trump will create more election havoc. There are two very, very heavy ways to which he could do this. After having failed in the election, failed in the courts and with the Electoral College, Trump and his minions still keep reminding us that the only critical date is January 20, 2021.

  1. Use executive order 13848, which he signed in 2018, declaring a state of emergency over US elections. This Order has been renewed each year and remains in force. It hovers over the 2020 Election. With the recent departure of William Barr as attorney general, this means Trump now has all his subordinate ducks in line to pull off an emergency declaration. Trump has loyal and subordinate heads leading the State Department, Treasury, Defense Department (everyone’s been replaced), Homeland Security and now the Justice Department.

2. Given the now fractured state of the Republican Party, the door now opens for Trump to make a clean break away from the GOP. In his mind, Trump thinks it’d be easy to create a powerful new political party, likely one with his name on it. Forget not that Trump is all about branding.

Why Would Trump Do This?

There is wisdom among many legal scholars Trump, when out of the presidency, will face serious challenges in criminal and civil courts. It’s possible, due to actions before and during his presidency, Trump could become criminally indicted, certainly sued on multiple fronts. The fact that he’s been president has protected him.

So what is the topic most desperately in need of Trump branding?

Trump can’t simply can’t give up his presidency. He has to continue to insist he is the president. As president he therefore can not become indicted. Trump will also continue to insist that Mike Pence remains as president of the U.S. Senate, which would become crucial in the event the Georgia runoff elections create a 50 to 50 tie among the senators.

Trump will continue branding himself as still the president and claim any pretext to remove him or Pence from office is fraudulent, unfair and prejudicial.

Forming a new political party helps Trump cement the claim elements of the US political and court system are juiced against him and that any legal proceedings against him should be dismissed and ruled as prejudicial, that everybody is acting against him because he formed the new political party.

By the way, very likely Trump will attempt to brand himself as a media mogul by attempting to create a new major media company in the US. Perhaps he’ll attempt to consolidate OAN News with Newsmax and others into the Trump Broadcasting Company, while hoping for a new empire.

Ultimate Question

What will happen when historical scholars legitimately collide against the Trump brand name?

No matter how much Trump fights back, no matter how much he obfuscates the political parameters, presidential historians will brand the Trump name as a failed president. Trump’s presidential history will repeat in a way very similar to Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump Casinos, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump The Game and Trump’s failed USFL football team The New Jersey Generals.

Owner of many golf clubs, Trump will always maintain his version of The Funny Farm!

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