Trump Monsters of a Grimm Tale

Notice how, during the CNN interview depicted in the below link, that Donald Trump’s chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg’s daughter-in-law keeps referring back to “21 years.” Had main media fully vetted and investigated Trump before, during and shortly after his 2016 presidential announcement, he never would have won the GOPwinger nomination. Very sadly, main media never dug deep on Trump until after it appeared certain he’d become the nominee.

By then, it was too late!

What’s Shakespearian tragic is HRC, her political operatives and her powerful media connections helped enable Trump to break out of the GOPwinger pack of candidates to win the nomination, this in a belief she’d easily defeat him in the General Election (see Wikileaks “Pied Piper” disclosures).

Below is another example showing how main media ignored Trump transgressions at a crucial moment in the presidential primaries, just ahead of the Iowa Caucus:

Thank HRC’s Political Operation for Trump; Not The Russians!

As all polling showed in 2016, political outsider Bernie Sanders would have resoundingly defeated Trump. However, this would have disrupted the political transition of oligarchial power from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Clinton with Barak Obama serving only as a caretaker president, but one who governed under Bush-Clinton domestic and foreign policy.

Think of the pat line that once spun throughout ham and egg diners across America: That, with Jesse Jackson, America was not ready for a Black president. So it’s not surprising a similar line got repeated in 2016, that America was also not ready for a Democratic Socialist to become president.

Indeed, America is now overdue to have a Democratic Socialist as president! Can’t wait!

Since the Democrats gave up on George McGovern policy, US presidential elections have essentially become an Oligarch’s Derby. Trump, while self-proclaiming he was an outsider, more than anything, was and remains a billionaire oligarch. Despite his enormous warts, he still fit the bill to govern for the wealthy.

In America, as The Occupy Movement — which got repressed by Obama — had proven, it is Oligarchy that always wins (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy)! I suspect that longtime banking favorite, Joe Biden, will go down in history as A Great Pretender as main media now desperately attempts to repackage him as an FDR-like progressive. But the truth will remain in the pudding!

A Just Man Gets Imprisoned

What’s ironic is Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange, a lifelong pacifist and well-proven media transparency advocate, politically would have preferred a Democratic Socialist candidate like Bernie Sanders to become the US president. Notice how this fact never gets highlighted anywhere within US main media reporting!

Note also that Assange’s very close political associate, former UK ambassador Craig Murray, preferred Jeremy Corbin — a Sanders-like candidate — in the British election. It might be helpful for Americans to finally begin understanding that Wikileaks is not right-wing, and that advocating for a free and transparent press has never ever been a right-wing agenda item!

Murray states that he flew to Washington DC to retrieve documents that Wikileaks released

[NOTE: Murray lost his position with the UK diplomatic corps when, in 2004, he exposed that the UK and US were discreetly involved with torture and rendition projects in Uzbekistan.]

Although not reported in US media, it is telling that throughout the entirety of Russiagate neither Assange or Murray were ever interviewed by any of the US investigating entities, whether by the FBI, committees of Congress or Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation. Meanwhile, the US media has only painted Assange in a negative light, has totally ignored Murray and it has become virtually illegal to mention the name Seth Rich (DNC leak vs. hack).

It remains abysmal that Trump quickly silenced Assange after assuming the presidency. I strongly suspect Trump feared Wikileaks exposures more than he would anything the Democrats or the media could hurl at him. Foolishly, the Democrats and powerful media components — vociferously angry at Assange for exposing HRC — went along with Trump jailing Assange. A very huge mistake!

One might also ask why it is that Trump became the chief fake media critic while voices and criticisms of Noam Chomsky, Seymour Hersh, Margery Kimball, Chris Hedges or reporters from Consortium News or Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) continue being ignored. They are never featured on the Sunday morning news shows or quoted in mainstay newspapers of record.

Indeed, for main media, it’s much easier to outright ignore an ignoble asshole media critic than it is to have to deal with substantive somebodies proficient at context, referencing and a deep knowledge of history.

Concluding The Grimm Fairy Tale

How else can one describe the political monsters created from the existence of the Trump presidency? But it is also noteworthy that Trump is not the only character fitfully cast in this miserable tale. There are several from both sides of the political aisle. May each of them achieve a miserable ending!

For sure, I’ll be extremely happy when Trump’s CFO’s daughter-in-law and Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen help to put the Trump Crime Family in jail. But I’ll also be happy when the Democrats and the media finally gives up its Russiagate charade and begins its futuristic reporting that acknowledges the mistakes they made in the presidential creation of Donald Trump.

Erasure from memory would certainly become a fitting ending. However, like the Grimm Fairy Tales, the memory and effects from the Trump monsters and his monster opponents will live for a long-long time … we are doomed to live within that memory!

Please, at least, free Julian Assange from his cage!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!