Trump Is No Peace Freak — Do Not Be Misled by Syria!

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Trump is Dictatorial with Triple Epaulets — One on Each Shoulder, One on His Head!

For those of you who think Trump has become a peace freak, there’s more to the story. Ironically, Trump doesn’t get much negative press when it comes to his warring ways as the monopolized US media is today very much pro-war!

Also noteworthy, for the record, Trump is not draining the swamp!

On Syria, Trump is withdrawing, almost entirely, troops that he added. Obama had military 200 advisers in Syria when Trump took office. Trump brought the number up to 5,000. Moreover, he is withdrawing them just across the Syrian border into Iraq at two new military base locations, one of which will continue to block access to the Damascus-to-Baghdad Highway except this time from the Iraqi side.

When Obama was president Israel rarely bombed Syria. Israeli bombing has markedly increased under Trump. Trump also has increased the rate of American bombing in Syria. Under Trump, supposedly fighting ISIS, US bombing has increased by 50% and with little care for civilian casualties which have increased 250%. Trump has also led two direct naval cruise missile strikes on sovereign Syria

Trump also dropped the “Mother of All Bombs” (biggest bomb short of a nuke), which has a mile-wide radius, on province with a population of 15,000. Media was denied access to the area following the attack. So what really happened is seriously under-reported.

Trump is continuing an 18-year long war in Afghanistan. Under Trump, Afghani opium production is at all time high. The Taliban today controls more territory than ever before, and this includes populated areas. From a high of over 100,000 soldiers Obama, when he left the presidency, had only 8,400 soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump increased this number to 15,300.

Afghanistan today, under Trump, is suffering the highest rate of fatalities since the war began. Under Trump first year in office, bombing saw a 52% civilian casualty increase.

In Iraq, under Trump, the Mosul Massacre saw 500 civilians killed from US airstrikes. This is unparalleled in modern history! Almost like shades of Rwanda in the ‘90s.

In Yemen, Trump’s first year in office saw a six-fold increase in US bombing upon the already impoverished nation. Indeed, Trump inherited Obama’s drone war … but he made it bigger!

Under Trump the US continues as the leading arms exporter in the world:

Also frightening under Trump is his plan to increase Department of Homeland Security militarized forces by 15,000. DHS has jurisdiction 100 miles inside of all four US borders and encompasses over 60% of the US population. The Trump Administration has also proven a boon to the private prison industry. He is also expanding reliance upon private military contractors. Perhaps the below advertisement is a harbinger of things to come.

With private mercenary contractor Eric Prince and neocons John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, Gina Haspel and Mike Pompeo in Trump’s ear he is anything but a peace freak!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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