Trump Got a Free Ride Into The Presidency

[NOTE: This was written as a Facebook post on March 14, 2017, a couple of months after Trump was sworn into the presidency. I republish it, with editing (including links), because it tells a bit about how he became one of America’s most tragic presidents.]

Please observe that within MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s interview with tax specialist David Kay Johnston, he refers to Trump’s association with many mob connections whether they be drug-related, New York-related or with the Russian oligarchs.

What? Is this new information? Of course not!

Next, think of the Wikileaks exposure proving the Clinton Campaign strategy was to create, using their prime media connections, a “pied piper” candidate to arise out of the Republican pack of 18 candidates — one Clinton could easily defeat!

Does this show interference and meddling of Democrats within the confines of the Republican primary election? You bet it does. Be assured the Hillary Clinton political machine ran a Karl Rove-like campaign from the Democratic side, virtually assuring her nomination against the better candidate Bernie Sanders.

Back then Clinton political operatives believed Clinton easily would defeat Trump among the GOP’s so designated pied piper candidates (see Wikileaks). For the longest time, Clinton Democrats and media connections actually wanted Trump to become the top GOPwinger. Why? With Trump as the GOP nominee, it was a presumed victory for the Clinton camp and wonderful ratings opportunities for the media — a win-win!

Sadly, at the time when Trump needed the most main media scrutiny regarding his serious flaws, Trump got very little criticism in this front. Instead he got the reverse: Trump received way more media attention than any other candidate. His gaffes, his mistakes, his background flaws, his cruelty even, were treated as mere spoofs. Main media completely failed to focus, as it should have, on Trump’s obvious and dangerous mob connections, his business ties to other nations and many other potentially criminal faults.

Conclusion? On behalf of Clinton, Trump got a free media ride during the early primaries. He broke out of the crowded GOP field of candidates and became the nominee, as planned. Had the media properly vetted him before, during and shortly after his announcement — instead of treating him like Clinton’s want for a pied piper and only as a famous tv personality (hello Ronald Reagan!) — we never would have seen Trump as president today!

Memo to Rachel Maddow: It was good you highlighted the Russian oligarch who gave Trump a free 60 million dollars, and it was good that Johnston was able to highlight Trump’s mob connections, but you’ve got to dig a lot deeper and produce way more than just a two page tax form without supporting documentation.

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!