Trump Gets Praise For Not Doing What He Didn’t Wanna Do Anyway!

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Trump Has a Hard Time Meeting With World Leaders

For canceling his meeting with Putin due to the Ukrainian Kerch Straight incident, I get a kick out of the praise now heaped on Trump from US and certain NATO political pundits — especially the supposed thinktank (actually, a tool of US oligarchy) Atlantic Council which publicly is pushing for the US to bully up Russia and send ships to the Sea of Azore, even though the depth of the Sea of Azore is not deep enough for the kind of US Navy ships the US Navy would need.

These supposed analysts are merely stroking themselves while perpetrating an inherent penchant for toughness! In the process they seem to forget that praising Trump for something he doesn’t want to do anyway is, well, absurd.

Let’s be clear on one fact of reality: Trump doesn’t even want to meet with Putin. Trump hates doing things like this. Trump would prefer not even to go to the meeting! It’s like extra work for him and takes up valuable tweeting and golfing time! Besides, he likes it when they come to him!

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“I’d Rather Stay Home And Be the Only King!”

Moreover, every time Trump does an event like the G-20 meeting the media embarresses him anyway. so Trump very likely thinks, “What the use? I’ll just cancel Putin and make it all easier.”

Anyway, as always, he’ll enjoy his praise and oddly misconstrue and rehape it into some form of support for his presidency — lol (see: A Tweet to come on how great his meeting was).

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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