Trump Fraud Allegations Are Trumped-Up!

Below are four articles: Reuters Fact Check; Washington Post analysis relative to Dominion voting machines; and two of my own articles relative to the election itself and Trump’s pre-voting day attempts to steal the election by using lawsuits.

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Trump encouraged his supporters, most of whom do not wear Covid safety protection masks, to vote in person on election day. Democrats encouraged their supporters to vote by mail due to fears of spreading the Corona Virus at the polls.

This is why Biden won the mail-in vote by a three to one margin, and also explains why the pro-Biden vote came in late during the November 3–4 vote counting. Florida and Texas voting came in early because they were allowed to begin processing the mail-in ballots early, especially in the more populous counties.

The Trump campaign, however, sued to limit when states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and others could begin counting the mail-in votes. This is one reason why the mail-in balloting came in so late. Knowing the mail-in vote would generally favor Biden in most battleground states, Trump’s plan all along was to hold the lead during election day votes, and then claim foul or fraud when the mail-in votes got counted.

Bottom line? Not only did Trump attempt to suppress the vote (see the numerous lawsuits below), he also has attempted to take away votes that were made by pro-Biden minority voters. This is the same president who claimed he accomplished more for Black people than any other president except for Abe Lincoln. Trump is despicable.

The following are several articles which should provide clarity to how the 2020 election evolved:

First, is a Reuters fact check on allegations of Biden vote dumps relative to graphs showing spikes on voting patterns as the votes came in and when they were reported:

Second, is Washington Post analysis of counties that used Dominion voting systems that were won by Biden and counties that were won by Trump:

Third, is my own observation. I watched nearly every minute of election night, the morning after and paid extremely close attention — every waking moment — in the days that followed. I knew as November 3rd turned into November 4th, just past the midnight hour, that Biden had won the election. Trump and his political operatives knew this also. Note that within my observations I actually mention how uneasy the pro-Trump people were. My article describes very well the cross-over moment of the election, when Biden took the lead:

Fourth, is an article I wrote pre-election. It describes and highlights the multiple Trump lawsuits that attempted to suppress the vote, especially relative to the mail-in balloting. Also included are some updates from the days immediately following the election:


Trump should concede the election. He lost! Also, Trump’s supporters should support him with his concession.

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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