Trump Could Declare The Entire 2020 Presidential Election Invalid

First of all, I apologize for becoming the bearer of ill tidings as we move on through the tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic and into the Christmas and New Years holiday season. As a word of caution, stay home as much as you can and be safe as we cross through the holidays.

Secondly, please pay extremely close attention to what is described below as it relates to a condition so extraordinary it could ultimately lead to the break up of the United States of America. This is because we have a president who cares more about himself than he does about the health and stability of our nation.

There exists a very strong school of thought that Donald Trump, once his presidency ends, will become subject to numerous criminal and civic investigations. He could well become indicted, tried and jailed. At this stage, Trump’s only intention is to save his own ass and keep as much of his fortune as possible.

As I began writing this, the Texas lawsuit, filed on behalf of Trump, wanting the US Supreme Court to invalidate the GA, MI, PA and WI elections has been denied. The strategy behind it would be to destroy the value of the Electoral College voting and thereby force the election into the US House of Representatives where each state has one vote. The GOP game plan here would be for the 29 Republican-controlled states to vote for Trump.

But this will never happen — and Trump knows this — as the Democrats would deny a quorum in order to block Trump from becoming GOP-selected. In this scenario, on January 20th Trump is forced to leave office, causing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to temporarily become president until a new president is affirmed.

However, the 12th Amendment states if no president has been determined by March 4th, then the previous Vice President (Pence) would then become president, and the highest vote-getter for Vice President (with Pence now president, this would be Harris) would become the Vice President.

Nice, huh!

So under the above scenario, I don’t think even Trump is rooting for the Texas lawsuit to succeed. You see, Trump’s need, Trump’s objective, Trump’s want above all, is to keep what he considers his presidency. To pull this off he needs to taint the 2020 election in as many ways as possible. He needs to deeply muddy the water. He’s all about public relations and fundraising as he perpetually whines how he’s become a victim of a fraudulent election, vociferously claiming what the socialist Democrats did to him is tantamount to a coup.

Rejected by the election of voters and now rejected by the courts, Trump knows the only one who now holds the power to keep him in the White House is himself: Donald J. Trump. But he needs the craftwork of a few loyal subordinate co-conspirators who will operate under the guidance and control of Trump’s Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI), John Ratcliffe.

Below, is the text of Executive Order 13848, which Trump signed on September 12, 2018. It remains in force today.

The Order essentially gives the appearance that it involves sanctions which can be invoked against offending foreign or domestic persons or entities if the DNI determines they interfered with an American election.

Where and how would Trump draw upon an authorizing capability powerful enough to completely invalidate his 2020 defeat? Again, it’s important to note Trump already has declared a “state of emergency,” one that has successively been renewed and remains in force today.

Within the Emergency Executive Order there is an extraordinary loophole contained within Section 1 at the conclusion of Part b, whereby a report from the DNI director, and his respective Department consultees, can present findings that recommend remedial action(s) other than sanctions. The report’s recommendation — in the absence of, or inclusion of sanctions — could stipulate the 2020 election, due to foreign interference, requires a remedial action sufficient to invalidate the vote, thus keeping Trump in power essentially under Martial Law.

Section 1 (conclusion of part B):

“The report shall also include updates and recommendations, when appropriate, regarding remedial actions to be taken by the United States Government, other than the sanctions described in sections 2 and 3 of this order.”

So let’s examine where we’ve been and how we got to where we are today. Biden, largely due to Trump’s incompetence in the way he handled the Covid-19 virus, won the 2020 presidential election fair and square. The 2020 election, what with its enormous paper trail record due to the mail-in voting, is the most transparent election in modern times.

State and Federal courts have ruled accordingly and against Trump’s lawsuits in over 50 instances. Biden was certified the winner, by the states, with 306 Electoral College votes where only 270 were required. Biden defeated Trump nationally on the popular vote, with 51.4% (81,283,009 votes) to Trump’s 46.9% (74,223,287 votes).

But Trump with his public relations and fundraising campaign has been going about the nation claiming he’s become a victim of a fraudulent election, despite not being unable to prove any of this in the courts. He has jawboned state and federal GOPwinger officials to support his effort to overturn the election. He has riled up his political base of rightwing militias, biker gangs, NASCAR and wrestling fans, Q-Anon followers and millions of evangelists who blindly follow pastors who speak in tongues. Officials — whether Democrat or Republican — who oppose Trump in any way immediately get chastised, hassled and threatened by Trump’s rancorous supporters, many of whom open carry weapons.

Executive Order 13848 Invoked

So Trump will invoke his still standing emergency Executive Order 13848 to keep his presidency. He’ll have his DNI subordinates compile a report (see Section 1, part b of The Order) claiming that foreign powers were involved and tainted the election (see the spurious claims forwarded by Attorney Sydney Powell relative to Dominion voting systems reaching to Venezuela and Germany) and, therefore, remedial action is both imperative and required.

The report will recommend remedial action to invalidate the 2020 election, claiming Joe Biden can not assume the presidency under conditions of fraud. It’ll include a footnote that only the US executive president can guarantee a free and fair election in America. In effect, this will amount to Trump declaring Martial Law under the confines of the existing emergency Executive Order.

He’ll announce new elections will eventually be held, but first he’ll bog the system down with multiple study committees and commissions relative to how best to run the next election in the US. The DNI report will likely include a qualifying provision whereby the only election affected by the Executive Order is the presidential election and that the down-ballot elections will stand as so-certified.

Trump — who cares only about himself and not our nation — thinks he can get away with this because his buddy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has pulled similar stunts on multiple occasions. Note that Netanyahu has lost a string of recent elections but he still maintains the position of Israel’s prime minister. Trump will claim he’ll temporarily keep his presidency because Biden can not assume the presidency under fraudulent conditions.

By the way, Netanyahu, like Trump, will also be visiting the courts once out of power. The difference is, unlike Trump, Netanyahu is already indicted.

Let’s hope I’m totally wrong! Nonetheless, do everything within your powers to prevent this from happening. Fittingly, stay tuned!

PS: Ratcliffe accompanying Trump to the Army-Navy game is not a good sign.

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