True Democracy vs. Capitalism — A Devil Breathes in Detail

[Originally published as a September 19, 2017 Facebook Note — edited]

Scopolamine (Devil’s Breath)— The scariest drug on earth!

“Ukraine’s choice to join Europe will accelerate the demise of the ideology of Russian imperialism that Putin represents.”

— Carl Gershman, president of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), September 26, 2013 in The Washington Post.

Are you curious as to what Gershman’s organization, the National Endowment for Democracy, is all about? Read here:

Break-Up of The Soviet Union

In 1989, the Berlin Wall came down, the Cold War ended and the once-powerful Soviet Union became The Russian Federation.

America’s CIA-supported Boris Yeltsin became president of Russia, thus opening the gates for an obscene profiteering bonanza similar to the gold mining and prostitution days of America’s Wild West.

Everything was up for grabs, the Russian mafia was spawned and Russian oligarchs came full into bloom. Under Yeltsin, seasoned multinational corporate capitalists joined hungry opportunistic Russians.

With corruption rampant, Russia’s transition into a capitalistic society was not going well due to widespread corruption and the bully-like tactics of capitalism. Yeltsin was in danger of losing after his first term of presidency. The nation was at risk of reverting back to communist leadership.

To assure Yeltsin’s re-election, American top-notch political operatives — experts who definitely knew how to shape and win elections — were sent into Russia to take over and run Yeltsin’s campaign. After all, lots of money, oil, gold and geopolitical repositioning was seriously at stake!

Just before the American strategists were brought in, Yeltsin was polling in fifth place with only 8 percent support. Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov was in the lead with 21 percent support.

Time Magazine shamelessly heralded how the US influenced Yeltsin’s reelection. He managed to squeak out a 35.8 to 32.5 victory in the first round and with the American political operatives well onboard he secured a 54.4 to 40.7 victory in the second round maintaining his presidency.

Eventually, Yeltsin’s health began to fail and Vladmir Putin was selected as his replacement. Putin then went on to win in his own right and then began cleaning out the corruptible influences within both the Russian business community and government. He literally tossed out of the country Russia’s worst oligarchs, many of whom later became aligned in shady business deals with Donald Trump and other American capitalists. In the process, the Russian mafia had gained a foothold in America.

Gershman & The NED’s Imperialism?

How does the lily-pure NED president Gershman, in good conscience, justify labeling Putin as an “imperialist?” Prior to the US-induced Syrian conflict — which followed the US/NATO-induced Libyan government overthrow and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars — Russia had very few military bases in the world. Most were geographically located within Russia’s former Soviet republics. Comparatively to the US, Russia has very few military bases.

Throughout modern history, except in rare instances, Russia primarily has concentrated on protecting its own borders, this within a difficult Eurasian region of the world. For example, compare what Russia must protect to the US which has two expansive oceans east and west and friendly neighbors north and south. Next, compare the defense budgets of each nation described in the below link:

The one and true “imperialist,” power in the world today is The United States of America and its supporting Coalition of The Killing which, together, often defies the international law of the United Nations.

US military and intelligence services are utilized as lead components to set the table for US corporate exploitation of smaller nations where cheap and slave-like labor gets utilized to extract oil, diamonds, gold, silver, copper, tin, timber and rubber, etc. Is it any wonder why the US sells military weapons to 73% of the world’s dictators and keeps a drug war in play in order to help prop drug gangs which become useful protectorates for repressive regimes (see Latin America)?

Ask yourself: Would you attempt to flee a repressive dictatorial regime reliant upon drug gangs for citizen control? You bet you would!

In America, it is the corporate oligarchs who’ve bought virtually the entire US Congress of pedigreed politicians and who have rigged the presidencies which name the justices to the US courts. This is the local end of The Devil’s Breath of worldwide dominion!

Who would be the good American — not the Ugly American — who’d stand against this? You? Me? Count me! Imperialism only hurts.

A closing tip: Study the history of worldwide Indigenous populations and what they advocate.

America’s gotta change … vote for Bernie!

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