Time to Change Time

The ordinary person does not have enough time, or money, to do what they want!

With today’s bad economy, too many folks are working two jobs just to make ends meet. Indeed, it’s become hard to find quality time to share happiness and creativity with family and friends.

How many times have you heard life described as a Rat Race?

Imagine the misery of working a seemingly deadbeat job or two for an employer who only wants to cut corners in order to increase profits. Imagine the CEO where you work pulling an exorbitant salary while you work the hardest and earn only peanuts while remaining unable to pay your bill when the rent comes due.

Next, consider, from 1978 to 2020, CEO pay has risen 1,322% while worker pay rose only 18%. America’s middle class has become decimated. More and more it joins poor folk who’ve been forced for decades to live within a dangerous underground economy where winning a scratch ticket or the local meat raffle becomes one of the few signs of progress — a life where your gas, electric or cable tv is always getting disconnected!

The once-fabled American Dream — created by Progressives during presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt — is now dead! It began dying after America’s last progressive president, John F. Kennedy, was shot.

In fact, progressive thinking in America has been locked out ever since JFK’s assassination. Oligarchy in America (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy), supported by governance from political center Democrats and right wing Republican for decades have ruled America.

Remember this fact: It is the center-right politicians, not the progressives, who created the kind of America we know today. But progressive thinkers never quit when it comes to the need for good ideas. Here’s one of my own for improving our society:

If Not More Money, At Least Give People More Time!

Always makes sense to save time — here’s how best to do it!

Let’s turn a week of 24-hour day cycles into a week of 30-hour day cycles!

Forget the clock striking 12 twice a day. Let’s have it strike 10 three times in order to complete a full day. Three marks (I) noted by a slash (/) within the clock designate whether you’re in the first, second or third phase of the day.

A day is complete when the clock strikes 10 three times!

What a 30-Hour Day Would Look Like?

Imagine 10 hours dedicated to rest and leisure so you’d be strong, in great shape for 10 hours that you’d devote towards work (for our ideal world, we’ll call it duty). The remaining 10 hours can be used for plain old fun, pub time, visiting, playing a musical instrument, engaging with sports or creating something in your basement or garage — anything you wanna do!

Sound governance, of course, would legally dictate that people accomplish their 40 hours of work within the time span of a four-day work week, i.e., 10 hours per day. This would mean the weekend would bring three 30-hour days (90 hours instead of the 48 hours we presently see).

If you take a day off during the week, you’d have 120 hours of free time! With that amount of time available, one could accomplish a lot. Perhaps you’d go on a long trip, which helps local economies! Maybe you’d go see the Red Sox play the Yankees in New York, or vice versa … go skiing, camping or climb The Bee Hives at Mount Desert Island in Maine! Maybe visit a distant museum, a Hall of Fame or our nation’s capitol.

And just imagine what a real vacation would look like? A week off? Two weeks off? Three weeks off? A month? Whatta ya know, you’d be enjoying your own humanity!

You could actually do so many things because you’d have quality time to do them! You’d enjoy your life! Others would also! We’d have a happier world!

Additional Benefits to 30-Hour Days

Due to overlapping time cycles our society would thus function during day and night cycles. This, therefore, would enhance productivity and boost our economy as folks adapt to living and working within the night time hours as well as the day time hours. We’d learn to appreciate the night time as much as we do the day time — this can only be healthy!

With the extra time an individual could get into arts and crafts to help create additional income for one’s family. But for this to happen, we’d have to get rid of snob or privileged zoning. People will be to be able to sell their arts or crafts from their own homes. Why lessen what we, ourselves, can accomplish because the Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon have taken over our communities?

We could also return to something everybody has forgotten about, something that once dominated human behavior for centuries: First and second sleeps.

If my idea catches on and you get more quality time in life? You don’t have to thank me. My influence would have been slight, at best. This idea is something every baby deserves from the time they come out of the womb! Go for it, folks!




Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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