Three Political Camps — Pick One!

It really is simple when you seriously think about it!

Trumpism [Rightwing]

Adherents include: Q-Anonites, Epoch Times Falun Gong sensationalists, lizard-throated theorists, pot-bellied gun freaks, 5G paranoidistas, antivaxxer alarmists, Gateway Punditeers, NASCAR enthusiasts, hordes of tongue-screaming evangelists and an oddball mix of bikers, wrestlers and UFC fighters — all of whom somehow become inspired by a few of Trump’s millionaire/billionaire golfing buddies. They are led by extremely right-wing pedigreed politicians who support America’s military-media-prison-industrial complex.

Ironically, none of the above could have happened without the precious assistance of the so-called “fake media!”

Bidenism [Center-right]

Adherents include: Techcentric-academic elitists, those with names gracing hospital wings, top-dollar charity foundation CEO/boardmembers, tinted or tainted Hollywooders and machine party loyalists to the Democratic name only. They are liberal only when safe to be liberal. Otherwise, they remain center-right and led by pedigreed politicians who support America’s military-media-prison-industrial complex. Ironically, they think they do not support this, but they do! Interestingly, they also think they support labor, but they do not.

Progressivism [Leftwing]

These are the folks who should become leaders in government. They are the ones we sometimes see — although the media rarely reports about them — who judiciously and dutifully stand outside awaiting for encouraging results from the Julian Assange US-extradition trial in the United Kingdom.

They are the ones who march and live in memory of Martin Luther King!

They are the ones who tried to prevent Bush-Cheney from placing Shock & Awe upon Iraqi citizens.

They are the ones who believe every citizen has a right to a clean environment, housing, health, education and a job with a living wage. They are the ones who believe a ticket to a ball game or a concert and the cost to a beer or a hotdog should be affordable.

In reality, transparency, truthfulness, international solidarity and a solid progression of ideas are what’s crucial when it comes to politics, thus making for sound governance. True progressives must become the worthy leaders!

Additional Considerations:

Details of Julian Assange

Debt Collectors Raked it in With Trump Administration Covid Relief Money

Consortium News on January 6th:

>>>As journalist Chris Hedges said last Thursday, one can decry their politics, the racism among many, and their tactics, but their pain is real in a system that has shrunk the middle class and debased workers.<<<



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