This Is A Poll — Who Should Democrats Nominate?

Includes Age Demographics of two Frontrunners

This unique Internet poll has been tweeted onto each candidate’s blue check-marked Twitter account. It’s also been posted, and continues being posted, onto veteran, union, social justice and minority advocacy social media sites.

You got a favorite candidate? Spread this poll around as you wish. This poll is meant to become distributed as widely as possible.

Vote In the Age Demographic Poll and The Overall Poll!

[NOTE: To vote, click the applicable links below — thanks!]

If You Support Joe Biden, What Is Your Age Group?

If You Support Bernie Sanders, What Is Your Age Group?

If You Support Andrew Yang, What is Your Age Group?

Weddle’s Poll #4 (May 2, 2019) All 22 Announced Democrats:

NOTE: This poll was inspired after watching Jordan Chariton’s Status Coup and The Tim Black Show’s analysis of CNN’s Biden-fixed April 25th to April 28th (2019) Poll. CNN’s poll left out younger voters, thus favoring Joe Biden!

(below are YouTube links and are okay to click “Show Embed”):

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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