Think In Simple Terms: Sanders v. Warren

— One is real a bona fide progressive; the other is not!

Regarding domestic and foreign policy, only one candidate in the 2020 race is dedicated and can 100% be trusted to overhaul the entire system. That candidate is Bernie Sanders.

America’s political system, since JFK was shot, has favored oligarchy (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy). The political consultants — call them an Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) — have been entrusted with maintaining this system. They now contrast Liz Warren as the female version of Barack Obama (supposedly progressive). However, if elected, Warren — despite her campaign platitudes — will govern exactly like him: favorable to oligarchy and with war, if necessary!

Under both Obama and Trump, 85 to 95% of all new wealth generated in America goes to fat cats at the top! Dating back to the trickle-down/welfare queen days of Reagan-Bush, CEO pay saw a 940% boost compared to only a 12% increase for workers. Lots of folks entered bankruptcy and many lost their homes. This, while more and more of America’s good jobs went offshore.

Throughout this period, whether a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, America’s unions were decimated, municipal hospitals were privatized and an obscene private prison system and draconian drug laws came into play. Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate deregulation has ruled in each successive presidential administration.

The political consultants of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project became so successful both political parties became sub-components of the OPU. Thus, we saw Clinton-Gore repeal the Glass-Steagall Act to favor banking, the FCC made powerless enabling the monopolization of America’s media (last line of defense for the people) and the advent of wars and a surveillance state developed under Bush-Cheney and furthered by Obama-Biden.

All of the above is now under full control and widening in scope under Trump-Pence! There has been no draining of “the swamp.” In fact, the so-called swamp isn’t mentioned anymore. As every political consultant knows the attention span of the public easily drains into the swamp. That’s about it!

Remember, you are conditioned by the now fully monopolized media to disdain Russian oligarchs. We only pay attention to American oligarchs (businessmen) when they get hospitals wings or academic departments named after them. You’re also conditioned to think badly of Vladimir Putin as he’s often been described as former head of Russia’s KGB. However, never does America’s media present the fact that George H.W. Bush — who helped create the income inequality we know today — was the ex-CIA chief before his role in the White House!

Anyway, America’s media where five corporations control 90% of all media, is now manufacturing Liz Warren to do what Hillary Clinton could not. You see, the Democratic side of the OPU, after several false starts with other candidates — including Joe Biden — has reckoned the only way to keep Bernie Sanders out of power, the only defense to Bernie’s oligarchy wrecking ball, is to nominate Warren.

Then, it doesn’t matter if Trump wins again. Oligarchy is shrewd enough to know its game becomes easier without the unpredictable Trump, however it also knows it still makes good money under Trump.

Keep in mind we’ll never change the world until leaders like Bernie Sanders, the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn and others like them come into power. Also consider it is not only them but the quality of folks they would appoint to fill executive, judicial and diplomatic positions of governing.

Consider, for the sake of your children, that to effectively deal with Climate Change issues, these needs will never be served by waiting for a litmus test that is subservient only to oligarchy.

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!