The United States of Fraudulent Politics!

Biden Crowds, Like Clinton Crowds, Thinly-Attended!

Biden Delivering a Speech in Henderson, Nevada — Suburb of Las Vegas!

If seeing is believing than not seeing is also believing! Why do Inside-Beltway politicians, supportive of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP), always draw very thin audiences at campaign events? Also, why do they also conduct few press conferences?

I surmise these candidates operate under the influence of an Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) —wealthy donors, high-priced lobbyists/political consultants and corporate media — and thus the machinery of politics, not the will of the people that should count the most.

For example, in 2016 when the exit polling for Hillary Clinton did not match the final results the solution became to discontinue exit polling. Has anyone heard anyone from establishment politics or mainstream media discuss this incredible electioneering discrepancy? Nope! Pretty much all you’ve heard about has been Russiagate! There is no intention whatsoever to fix what has become a broken and, yes, fraudulent political system in America!

Comparative of Clinton v. Sanders 2016 Audiences
A Comparative of Biden vs. Sanders 2020 Audiences

Biden 2020 Political Rallies

In the below video — scroll to 45:28 — as Joe Biden approaches the podium before a not very large audience in Davenport, Iowa. The Iowa Caucus, of course, is the nation’s first vote in the nominating process. Iowa citizens energetically pride themselves with their important role. It would not be unusual for a recent vice president to draw a huge crowd in the state. It becomes very unusual when such a candidate can not draw a huge crowd.

It’s not like his rally wasn’t well-publicized:

As the OPU’s choice-cut favorite candidate for 2020, Biden recently spoke in Henderson, Nevada — a suburb of Las Vegas — before an audience around 200 attendees. Those in attendance were mostly comprised of painter and carpenter union members. The begging question: Why are there no young people in the audience?

As noted from the below video none of the media, except one local journal, actually mentioned Biden’s crowd size. The below video describes the attendance (it’s a Youtube video and okay to click Show Embed):

Note the Las Vegas Review-Journal makes no mention of the size of the audience:

In New Hampshire which hold’s the nation’s very first primary, Biden drew barely 100 people in the city of Berlin and in the metropolitan Manchester-Concord area he could draw only 300 to 400 people. The Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire Biden audience numbers are not good for states whose citizens, because they vote first, are thoroughly addicted to politics. Clearly, Biden is not a candidate of the people. Rather, he is a candidate manufactured by the OPU and one committed towards defending oligarchy and one prone to being pro-war.

Since the very beginning I’ve always despised blabbermouth Bill O’Reilly of FoxNews. However, I’ve always appreciated his theme, “The No-Spin Zone.” But it’s a cruel fact of reality that Richard Nixon’s political director Lee Atwater trained Roger Ailes on the art of political chicanery. Ailes, who became the longtime FoxNews political director, went on to indoctrinate every day Americans with a mighty daily dose of political spin! CNN and MSNBC then opted for copycat status! It’s no wonder Lee Atwater, in ill-health, begged political forgiveness on his death bed (true story!).

But, sure enough, spin reality inherently begs for a timely Biden apologist to chime in. Here is that Biden spin right on cue:

But the OPU is full of needed apologists and can easily draw upon many spokespeople, or rather spinmeisters! Clearly, they are better able at doing this than is Biden drawing a large audience of political enthusiasts. Below, Politico has attracted a few Biden apologists:

Biden’s Internet Presence

Now on medical disability, I’m online near-daily for two-thirds of the hours of each passing day. I’m 100% dedicated to rock n’ roll and politics — it’s all I do! With about 4,000 Facebook friends and nearly a couple thousand Twitter followers, I’m constantly engaged with reading and writing political analysis. A product of the Civil Rights and Anti-War Movement, formerly a state representative in New Hampshire’s legislature and a social justice songwriter in a rock n’ roll band, politics is my gig.

Pew studies have shown nearly 90% of all Americans are online and this statistic is especially true for young people. With this in mind next consider The Small World Theory, showing only six degrees of separation between yourself and anyone in the world whom you’d wish to meet — just keep asking who knows who.

One would think Joe Biden’s purportedly very strong polling numbers would prove not only an ability to draw large crowds, but would also show online advocacy touted far and wide on Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube. But, really, finding a staunch Biden advocate online is like finding a four-leaf clover. Check out Biden’s polling numbers with an online straw poll I conducted, which also included an age demographic survey:

I dare any of you reading this. Go ahead and inquire among netizens. Who do you actually know who is head over heels about Joe Biden? Does any Biden online advocacy even exist? Check this out:

I suspect once money from oligarchy has rolled in more plentifully and the OPU-hiring is complete, that pro-Joe Biden online bots (fakes)— like they did for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — will begin to appear.

Joe Biden’s Polling Numbers

So where exactly are Biden’s exceedingly strong polling numbers coming from? My very first vote was a long-long time ago (Eugene McCarthy), back when I used to read five newspapers a day, which I did up until AOL 1.5 and Netscape. Frankly, in my humble political opinion, I don’t think Biden’s numbers really exist. Perhaps it’s now time that we, the citizens, should accept the fact that we live in the United States of Fraudulent Politics, that we live at the behest of the AOEP and it is thoroughly protected by the OPU!

The 2016 election was nothing but an OPU choice: Clinton vs. Trump, a multi-millionaire vs. a billionaire. If the 2020 choice becomes Biden vs. Trump it will again become an OPU choice only. What we needed after 2016 was a Special Elections Commission, not a Special Prosecutor!

In essence, Clinton screwed Bernie Sanders via a rigged primary system and then Trump screwed Clinton via the Crosscheck voter elimination system. But let’s not discuss Biden’s low crowd size or internet presence, or Trumps cruel and idiotic presidency — let’s instead keep talking about Russiagate and don’t forget to keep your smile as you take your place in the herd!

Try your best to defeat America’s Olgarch Protection Unit!



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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!