The Treacherous Tilt of Trumpers

Word is out there will be sign-holding, flag-waving Trumpers at the Hingham Rotary on Tuesday at 4 pm. Be careful negotiating the rotary.

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Hingham, Massachusetts Rotary

Below, is my overall take on this risky action.

Biden and Trump both have political and personal baggage. In my humble opinion, anyone sensible would prefer someone else. But, yes, Democratic party loyalists and the Trump hero-worshiping loyalists will support their respective candidate, as they are right and want to do.

But here’s the rub. By a margin of two to one those supporting Biden, including Independent voters, are not voting FOR Biden, but instead are voting AGAINST Trump. Amazingly, many mainstay long-time Republicans are supporting Biden over Trump. This rarely ever happens, so there must be a good reason why it is happening.

Trump’s four-year long presidential scrutiny is substantially more concerning than the two-week old Hunter Biden story now sensationalizing, much like Russiagate, as an October Surprise. But the Hunter Biden story has got the Trumpers hot to trot and they charge forward in a cry of “Hunter!” This, while completely blind to the Trump family’s own corruption. So it goes …!

Again, here’s the rub: Hunter Biden is not responsible for tax breaks for millionaires, eliminating 20 million people off of health care, deregulating environmental & housing protections, pushing 750 billion dollar defense budgets or perpetuating a failed drug war and anti-protester scheme (incredulously, with a Proud Boy tilt) that’s rooted in a militarized law and order campaign. Since when did the 2nd Amendment — an outdated amendment rooted in vagaries — become more important than the highly esteemed and very precious 1st Amendment, the essence of America?

Moreover, a quarter million Americans are dying from Covid-19. Trump alone holds this responsibility! As former President Harry Truman aptly stated, “The buck stops here!” Trump denies, deflects and looks the other way!

Canada, China, Cuba, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam and Thailand are among nations that have done very well limiting deaths while battling the deadly Corona virus. The US, under Trump — with four percent of the world’s population, but over 20% of the world’s deaths — is among the worst nations of all dealing with the crisis. No matter how you look at it, this is on Trump’s watch!

Still, today, Trump parades around maskless, holding Covid super spreader events almost as if he’s invoked a secret, dangerous and unethical herd immunity strategy. Trump needs be brought up on murder charges, not heralded by Massachusetts people, likely many of whom will be maskless, shepherding Trump signs at Hingham’s rotary. The rotary itself, for some, especially elderly drivers, is always difficult to negotiate while driving.

Will distracting Trumpers present themselves as a public safety hinderance?

On balance, a better location than the risky Hingham Rotary, for expressing a large group gathering’s 1st Amendment rights, would be well-advised. This article is written in response to a meme I saw published on Hull Happening’s social media Facebook site. I don’t know if it’s been published elsewhere or how widely the Trump Rotary Wave has been spreading. But it certainly won’t be a half-a-dozen or less enthusiasts which would be the norm for the rotary.

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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