The Sheriff of Nottingham Alive & Well Supported by Anti-Socialist Congress

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Victims of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project!

Since the Reagan-Bush Administration CEO pay has increased by 937% compared to worker wages increasing only 11% but also with greater productivity.

An overwhelming majority of Americans now live in debt. Many have lost their homes or cars and can’t afford to pay for a family emergency. Many of the poor have slipped through the cracks causing many to live within an underground economy.

However, there are distinctions. The very poor pretty much have become accustomed to being poor, much like folks who live in Third World nations. Poor folk, over time, learn how to get along within their poverty. It is they who help the homeless the most, whether it means doubling or tripling up in rental units, helping someone to land a job or getting someone to a medical appointment. They also help each other with veterinary bills.

Another aspect of the poverty problem is the lower portion of the middle class that has lost its standing suddenly find themselves living at poverty levels, wrecked by debt and with scant knowledge to attain the few and limited resources that do exist. These folks just aren’t used to it. For them, the experience has become especially painful and has an effect upon their children.

Meanwhile, the very middle holds on best it can now competing with the upper middle class which has seen its income become medium at best, but their standard of living remaining the same. Hello to fewer-paying good jobs and more debt!

The poor are stuck looking for well-paying jobs they can’t or won’t ever get while varying elements of the middle class compete for what few good jobs there are, often becoming the odd one out. Poor folks exist in a hope of finding two or three low-paying jobs just to make ends meet and help others in the process.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff of Nottingham has a well beefed-up police, court and prison system to help keep things in check, this so municipalities have a revenue stream and the very wealthy folks can get by nicely and unhinged. America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP) has created the following conditions:

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“Home of The Brave, Land of The Free!”

Once the mega-rich begin to realize poor folk party better and enjoy each other more than they do — that fried clams are better than bacon-wrapped scallops — perhaps then things will change for the better. It’s one thing to listen to a cover tune already written, but it’s quite another to actually write a song.

More and more, we’re rapidly approaching a power-to-the-people and an toss-the-eggs-at-the-limo mentality. How could anyone find this acceptable?

If we keep electing Republicans, and Democrats who behave like Republicans, this is what’ll happen! It’s time for a progressive change to strengthen the middle class which is an act by itself that raises hope for the poor. It’s really quite simple!

“In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!” — HG Wells

Re: Trump’s SOTU remark on socialism and the response of Congress?

What could an egotistical billionaire possibly know about socialism other than prejudice? And of those member of Congress who applauded him? What could a room full of lobbyist money-drenched politicians know about socialism other than prejudice?

It’s time to elect true thinkers into office. Enough of the AOEP herd-like mentality!

Why outright deny a possibility of governance that can be helpful to a wider range of citizenry rather than only a few handfuls of US oligarchs can do exceedingly well and then squirrel their money away in offshore tax havens, taking money out of the American economy? Makes no sense at all!

Remember, the Sheriff of Nottingham thrived on debt!

Under socialism, the hula-hoop and pet rocks would still be invented, marketed and distributed but more people would be able to buy them. Instead of 500 Home Depots and no family-run hardware store, maybe there’d be 400 family-run hardware stores and only 100 Home Depots. Cottage industry would thrive. The consumer would remain well-served, workers would be better paid, thus, importantly, more money would enter into the economy. And banks wouldn’t have to try so hard to steal your money!

Think about the recent Canadian arrest and US extradition of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei, a firm near-equivalent to Google. The main media never informed you that Huawei is a firm that is owned by the workers, instead of a boardroom of shareholder profiteers gobbling up all the profits. If socialism doesn’t work, how’d the Huawei corporation become so big?

Get rid of right-wing politics. They do not work!

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Think seriously about electing Bernie Sanders as president in 2020! We will all be for the better if you do!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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